Mina Habchi is a famous Instagram influencer living in London who saw the number of her followers increase exponentially during the first lockdown. In this interview, she is going to tell us how she managed to do so and how she handled the whole pandemic crisis by becoming more creative.

What was your first reaction when they announced lockdown?
My case is a little bit special because they announced lockdown literally 6 days before my engagement party which I had been planning for at least a year. Therefore, I was thinking much more about the engagement party I had to cancel than the lockdown announcement. After a couple of days, I noticed that the situation was really bad as all shops and restaurants had to close and news was all about the current pandemic and lockdown. I was grateful to be safe at home but I was shocked and overwhelmed by this whole situation, as most of us were.

Has lockdown affected your Influencer job? If so, to which extent?
It did on the first lockdown. As the situation was getting worse and worse day after day, the brands I was working or planning to work with, had to shut all their upcoming contracts as they were very uncertain about their budget. So, it did affect my income quite significantly the first couple of weeks.

I can imagine you got significantly impacted. But did you manage to create content and entertain your followers during lockdown? 
Yes, I did. During lockdown, the world stopped and everyone was on their phones. So, social media got a huge place in our lockdown lives, for both followers and content creators. There’s been an advent of various and funny challenges on different platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. People were following me for recipes and live workouts. It also helped me a lot because I actually felt having a major role during the pandemic because I wanted to give back courage, motivation, positivity during these hard times to my community. Most people were very depressed as people couldn’t travel anymore, and most of them, including myself living in London, couldn’t go see my family in France.

I guess you engaged a lot with your community then. What was your favourite moment while engaging with your community during lockdown?
There were a lot of different and cool moments but one major highlight I’ll never forget is when I did this “Live Music Series” on Instagram lives almost every night during a week challenging anyone who follows me and has a passion for music. Thus, each person could request to be on live, and either sing or play an instrument while singing. My “IG lives” were becoming a little bit like a “My Followers Got Talent”. It had become the happy place in which people could gather and share and demonstrate their passions and hobbies. And I’ve actually found out that most of them were actually talented.

How did it impact positively your platform?
As I mentioned in the previous answer, it brought a lot of happiness to feel responsible and create content to entertain others. Also, my account was becoming very visible on Instagram and made many people discover it during lockdown. It has increased my global community. 

That’s great! Were you very active on TikTok as well?
Hell yeah! TikTok skyrocketed during lockdown. And I’ve made my contribution too! My dancing and humoristic skills increased significantly I’d say! I was also checking out new challenges and trends which were quite enlightening. However, surprisingly, I’ve been much less active on TikTok after lockdown, and it felt like it was a “lockdown app”.

As I can see on your Instagram feed, your main pictures are street style pictures. Were these affected by lockdown too?
Yes, this was affected significantly too. However, it made me move to the path of more video and indoor pictures for my feed. Therefore, my feed wasn’t as street style as it used to be but the whole Instagram fashion mood changed too. I felt like all fashionistas had to adapt and think of being more creative and do things differently.  

Curious about Mina Habchi’s social media accounts? You can follow her on Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/minahabchi/ or check her Fashion/Lifestyle/Travel blog on www.minahabchi.com