The digital world is the new cool and entrepreneurs must fully utilize its potential and power for gaining their desired clients and thrive as a brand, believes the young talent.

Did we really imagine the kind of growth and developments we see today in the world of business, a few years ago? We cannot deny the fact that the pandemic did collapse economies of the world and disrupt business industries, but it is also a fact that it opened up many new opportunities for people to do business online and become famous with the help of social media. Today, things have changed a lot and it has become essential for entrepreneurs to embrace these changes so that they don’t remain behind their contemporaries in their respective niches. The jewellery industry also saw many disruptions, but some intelligent and knowledgeable entrepreneurs like Jack Dean proved the world that with the digital space anything is possible and everything can be achieved, if done right.

Jack Dean, who serves as the founder of Jeweller Jack Ltd, a brand that is all about luxury and bespoke custom jewellery designs and creations says that social media is where exactly all of us need to be right now. It is a world of its own and utilizing these platforms can go ahead in changing the lives of entrepreneurs and their brands completely. Apart from word of mouth and great PR, Jack Dean explains it is time to utilize social media and gain effective leads, customers, presence and ultimately sales in a very cost-effective way. Below, he explains how a jewellery business can thrive with social media.

  • High-resolution pictures: Platforms like Instagram can be a great tool to post high-resolution pictures of different pieces of jewels. This gives the audiences and prospective customers a closer look into the fine make of the jewellery and can encourage them towards making the sale.
  • Posting stories: Whether it is Instagram, or Facebook, people can post as many stories as they want to give a sneak peak into their brand’s upcoming designs or even show small videos of their collection. This drives more engagement, attracting more attention from the audiences.
  • Marketing campaigns: Jack Dean explains that most brands on social media often come up with different marketing or giveaway/discount campaigns. Jewellery brands too can adopt this approach, where they can collaborate with influencers to reach more people and multiply their chances for more sales.

Jack Dean’s love for football motivated him to launch Jeweller Jack Ltd, for catering to athletes and footballers across the globe with custom designs and creations that can actually make people fall in love instantly with the designs.

To know more about Jack’s work, follow him on Instagram@jackdean_