The hospital workers, the doctors, and the nurses are soaked in irresistible gloom for a working day off and night for the second Christmas in a row facing thousands of deaths in a day. As the highly transmissible new variant of the virus, omicron, shows up, the healthcare workers, the frontlines of the pandemic, are toiling hard to treat the hospitalized patients, ignoring the upcoming Christmas break.

Hospital Workers In Gloom For The Trauma Of Covid Deaths

The cases in the United States have been soaring rapidly with each passing day and so the hospital beds are filling up.

Hospital Workers In Gloom For The Trauma Of Covid Deaths

The trauma of deaths has been breaking down even the health professionals, leaving apart the family members patient. . The Omaha hospital staff, Nebraska, expresses her concern about the disaster awaiting ahead of holidays as the whole medical fraternity today is juggling to gather the courage to keep going with the patients who are on the verge of giving up.

What statistics say

• The Department of Health and Human Services data revealed that cases have plunged to 70,000 Americans getting hospitalized as compared to 45,000 in the month of November.

• The data of John Hopkins from the last week reports an average of 1,303 Covid-19 deaths, 14 percent higher than the previous month

• The first death in the United States was reported in Texas from an unvaccinated person in his 50s who was previously affected with Covid-19 finally succumbed to the new infection.

• The cases have been detected in all over 50 states across the nation.

Omicron crushing earlier hopes

The boosted antibody levels from the massive vaccination drives and administration of booster doses have been found to work potentially against Omicron. Dominick Armijo was the first person to be tried and tested with the vaccines in New Mexico and shared his hopes of witnessing a relatively lowered number of cases after the successful vaccination of the population but he was deceived. The coronavirus showed up again with a new variant and even more transmissible, which plunged the cases at a rapid rate.

There are huge numbers, people who refused the vaccine only to fill up the ICU. This was again another challenge that the administration had to deal with, encouraging the common folks to break the chain of fear and go for the vaccination and decrease the load on the healthcare system.

The emotional turmoil, along with the professional duties they undergo is something to be acknowledged. Dr. Seizys pleads with those who break the masking mandates and go on rallies to collect vote banks to at least once witness the dreadful scenes in hospitals where people are not even getting a peaceful death, and how they hold their tears day by day.

Doctors today are unable to determine the fatalities of both the variants, delta, and omicron, as both are spreading widely in the United States, stressing the need for more research into the issue.

Vaccine and booster doses to the rescue               

• There has been a mandate made for the Proof of vaccination in the city for those above 12 years to enter gyms, restaurants, and other gathering places in Washington DC.

• As the vaccines are efficient in their work, there won’t be any further shutdowns but there is a need to revamp the vaccinations and boosters among the population as suggested by Mayor Muriel Bowser.

• Grocery shops, retail stores, religious institutes, and museums are exempt from the proof of vaccination.

• Eligible students are made compulsory to undergo vaccination and booster by 1st of march helping contain a potential outbreak in the college campuses.

• California has mandated a booster shot for healthcare workers and also the students will be tested before returning to school

The demand for the home test kit

The festive season of Christmas and New Year’s Eve has brought in the demand for home kits surpassing the supply creating a deficit across the nation, playing with the risk of leaving many positive cases undetected. 500 million tests are promised by the Biden administration and the details of the orders are framed out. CVS Health and Walgreens are the two largest pharmaceutical chain stores in the US working on the home testing kit so as to make it accessible for the people who wish to go for it.

Oral drugs for the treatment of Covid-19

. Pfizer’s Paxlovid was authorized as the first drug to treat Covid-19 and is prescribed to be initiated as soon as possible after the diagnosis of Covid-19, almost within 5 days of the onset of the symptoms. Paxlovid is generally administered as three pills twice a day for five days as prescribed by a doctor. Paxlovid is, as suggested by the FDA, not to be used as an alternative for vaccination in individuals.