The rise in the covid cases can be seen during the thanksgiving days and the government has taken major steps to reduce the infection rate.

But the covid 19 cases are increasing at a very fast rate that is more than a 45 percent increase in the infection rate as compared to the month of October. The average number of cases has increased to 93,000 per day and it is expected to increase by 130,000 or more.

Tracking Home-Based Rapid Testing Is Not Possible, Said Health Agencies

The CDC allowed people to take self-testing at home keeping in mind all the instructions laid by the medical agencies.

It must be noted that the covid 19 self-tests can be taken by anyone at home who is symptomatic irrespective of their vaccination status.

Tracking Home-Based Rapid Testing Is Not Possible, Said Health Agencies

As per reports, many people will be visiting their homes to enjoy their time during this thanksgiving and it is expected that they will be testing themselves with the antigen-based self-testing kits without visiting any lab.

Though self-testing kits are a great way to keep oneself protected as per the medical authorities in the United States, it will become very difficult to track the cases. 

The federal government is spending a lot of money on procuring these home testing kits. The Biden Administration has spent more than $2 billion to procure around 280 million antigen-based self home-based covid 19 testing. 

In September President Joe Biden allowed major e-commerce companies in the United States which include Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger to sell these rapid testing kits at a discounted price and allow people to take the benefits of covid 19 testing. 

The Private companies in the States that are selling directly to the consumers must increase the manufacturing process.

The Central Government has eased the use of antigen-based rapid testing kits as testing is very important to reduce the outbreak of delta variants during the upcoming winter season. To make it more available these self-collection kits and tests are easily available at retail stores and local pharmacies. 

The self-testing kits have gained much popularity in the states as you don’t need any expert prescription. But many health authorities have shown concern about how to track every single testing?

The Chief Medical Officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials stated that we need to think something extraordinary and it will require some out-of-the-box approach to tracking every single home test-based case. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also accepted that fact that tracking home test results are very difficult and the officials also announced that our experts are working with companies to make it easy for us and other state agencies to collect the reports of the tests through some technology. 

Dr. Fauci is encouraging people to conduct testing if they have even small symptoms. He also suggested that to stay protected, the only way is to get vaccinated as almost 90 percent of cases of Covid 19 are coming from unvaccinated people.