Think about the consequences of what you’re saying before putting down your phone and urging your kids to talk about gratitude around the Thanksgiving meal. The usage of technology, especially social media, is the most prominent generational difference regarding generational divides. I hear a lot of parents’ questions about how to talk to their kids about technology in my child and adolescent psychiatric clinic (and how to decrease it).

Holiday Season, Spending Time With Families & In Socio-Economic Levels

They fear that their children’s mental health is being affected by their overuse of technology. The situation is much more challenging for youngsters. Social networking, video games, and chat rooms have become an integral part of their daily routines.

Holiday Season, Spending Time With Families & In Socio-Economic Levels

To help parents and caregivers in this situation, I often speak with them on their children’s use of technology and how that use is affecting their mental health. These questions must be answered before we can work together to find a solution.

To avoid getting into a tug-of-war with social media, families should focus on how they use social media in the run-up to Christmas. Knowing that social media use has an impact on mental health, families may collaborate to create a social media strategy that encourages teens to maintain healthy social and emotional connections while using the internet. Parental and caregiver contemplation with their children and adolescents cannot be understated insignificance. This should only be done with the help of your child’s caregivers. My four-step strategy for coping with this new environment and creating healthy, productive changes is explained below, with further information on each level.

Assist teens in analyzing their social media usage by teaching them about the need of self-reflection

Discuss with your children the quality of the content they see online. Is it mostly positive, such as encouraging words or pictures of cute babies??? It might also be something that isn’t nice, such as political news or memes that poke fun at specific communities. For the long term, it’s impossible to know what to consume more of us less of if you don’t deliberately and critically examine which category each piece of information falls into. Drug use patterns among your teens are just as important. Has social media become a go-to outlet for individuals more often than not when they’re feeling any of these emotions? What number of times have they utilized Facebook or other social media sites as a kind of distraction from unpleasant feelings or a mountain of schoolwork? When they put their phone down, does anything happen?

People who use social media excessively, such as those on Instagram or TikTok, may be hiding a deeper problem, such as anxiety, which may be addressed with further therapy. Help them find better ways to cope with unpleasant feelings by suggesting they call a friend or put on music.

Get to know how social media is benefitting your friends

This is the time to ask your kids to be entirely open with you about the impact of social media on their mental health. Ask them how they feel now that they’ve been on social media for a while.