The Christmas season is arriving and the medical agencies in the USA are sensing an outbreak in the Covid 19 virus during these parties.

Arranging Holiday Parties Can Be Dangerous And Risky Without Masks

Officials and researchers warn that informal events such as dinner parties, game evenings, sleepovers, and carpools are contributing to a record-breaking increase in coronavirus infections in the United States. The Officials are expecting a rise of up to 150,000 cases due to these parties against an average of 85000 cases per day.

Holiday Parties Can Be Risky Without Masks

With the mask mandate rule by the Biden Administration, many states protested against the rule. But now it seems like that mask mandate rule must be followed in order to reduce the number of cases.

It has been observed and analyzed by the researchers that nightclubs played an important role in the outbreak of the virus at such a vast level. People are planning to host private social parties, which will surely increase the transmission of the virus as people won’t be following the mask rule which in turn increases the rate of covid cases.

With the weather getting colder and holidays approaching, it will become impossible to handle a large number of covid cases.

In comparison to last year, fewer Americans expect to take measures against Covid-19 when hosting or attending Christmas events this year, indicating a return to normalcy now that the virus has been vaccinated against 59 percent of the population.

Though these numbers were expected not too early and the USA achieved a new milestone of 152,391 Covid 19 cases and with almost 40 percent people getting hospitalized.

The media and Government officials are keeping track of the people who are planning to host big events hosting mass gatherings. Not only big events, but medical experts have also urged the officials to even track small parties as unvaccinated people are more threat to the people who have availed their vaccinations.

The USA FDA, CDC, President, Chief Medical Adviser, everyone is recommending and encouraging people to get vaccinated and eligible people to avail their booster shots.

Though during last Christmas The USA was facing acute medical emergencies with over 250,000 cases per day. Right now approximately 60 Million American Citizens are unvaccinated which is a major threat to the vaccinated people.

Experts said we understand the importance of a festival and traditions for the families but at this point in time, people need to understand the situation and take a step back to host big parties or small gatherings.

People need to find different yet safe and effective ways to celebrate. Because if you are unvaccinated and not following proper precautions then surely you will be risking the lives of your loved ones.

The areas which have high chances of Covid virus transmission must abide by the law of wearing masks. The CDC’s Travel website can help you figure out what’s best for you and your family whether you’re planning a trip for a vacation or a special occasion. According to the CDC, travel should be postponed until you are fully vaccinated.