MD- according to data from the CDC Covid-9 related hospitalizations among children and adults below 50 have reached their highest levels yet in the USA. 

Highest Covid Hospitalizations Below 50 In USA

Recent data from the CDC shows some troubling news with Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations surging all across the country. All age groups below 50 years of age have crossed their earlier highest record of hospitalizations. 

Highest Covid Hospitalizations Below 50 In USA

The highest increase in hospitalizations had been seen in adults between the ages of 30 and 39 years and among children below 18 years. For both these groups present rates of hospitalizations are above the earlier record of 30%. 

The total hospitalization rate of the entire population however is slightly below the January peak. But the CDC warns that at present with 11,000 new hospitalizations daily on average USA may soon cross its earlier peak. This figure may even be surpassed as early as within the next 30 days. 

Experts claim that the people at the highest risk for Covid-19 related infections are unvaccinated individuals. CDC data shows that only 51% of the American population is fully vaccinated at present so that leaves a huge chunk of the population vulnerable to severe symptoms and infections. 

This massive surge in infections is primarily due to the spread of the new Delta variant of the Covid virus. The Delta variant is believed to be much more transmissible than previous versions. As a result there has been an increased push for vaccinations all over the country. 

New debates and discussions have been ignited over the need for masks mandates, compulsory masking in schools. Even the need for booster vaccine shots is now being discussed among the government health officials. 

A major concern for medical professionals right now is the need to protect children from the virus. As schools start to re-open especially young children who are not yet eligible for vaccination will also be exposed to the virus.

So there has been a lot of urgency among experts to study the effect of the vaccine on younger children. At present, clinical trials have only been conducted on vaccines for children above the age of 12 years. 

White House Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has announced that the government as well as the FDA are giving utmost priority for vaccine research for young children. He has said that as soon as different vaccine companies are able to complete their trial the FDA will begin the process for evaluating the vaccine for approval. 

In the recent weeks there has been a huge surge in Covid-19 among adolescents. This is now leading to an increase in vaccination rates among adolescents. Parents who were earlier hesitant to get their children vaccinated are now rushing to get vaccines for their children. 

The rise in cases among adolescents has mainly been due to the start of in-person classes in different states. For instance in Mississippi, around 20,344 students had to go into quarantine because of possible exposure to the vaccine only between August 9th and 13th. In Florida also there has been a huge surge of cases among school students and teachers. 

There have also been talks in official medical circles about the possible introduction of a vaccine booster dose in this fall. But experts are also warning citizens from panicking about the booster. The need for a booster does not suggest that vaccinated individuals are not fully protected. 

The boosters are only being suggested to stay ahead of the infection rates and control future rise in cases. The vaccines at present are very effective to protect individuals from hospitalizations and fatalities. But over time the natural immunity produced by the vaccines starts to decrease and so a booster dose is being suggested. 

According to some doctors a third dose of the vaccine may be able to increase a declining immunity by ten times and further reduce chances of death and severe symptoms.