The booster shots have been considered as a game-changer in the world of vaccination and improving the immunity system to fight against the newly detected covid 19 variant Omicron. 

The Healthcare Staffs Have To Receive The Booster Shots

The very first case of the omicron strain was found in the State of California on 1st December 2021 and since that day the cases are seeing an uprise in cases of the Omicron.

The Healthcare Staffs Have To Receive The Booster Shots

As per the latest reports from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 73 percent of the cases in the United States have been erected from the Omicron variant. 

Although the initial studies have found that the symptoms of the omicron strain are mild, the transmissible rate is very high.

The Delta variant on the other hand has been found less transmissible and spreads at a lesser rate. The omicron variant carries 50 mutations which allows the virus to travel much faster. 

According to the data available, the omicron subtype can be found easily in almost every state of the United States and has already spread to 80 major countries. The dominance of the new variant can be easily felt now. 

Many medical researchers have claimed that by the end of this year omicron will be the dominant strain beating its counterpart delta version. 

According to the US CDC, 73 percent of cases in the United States have been detected from the omicron variant. The dominance of this aversion has already started. 

Now, as per the California State Government, the health care workers will have to follow compulsorily to receive the booster shots. The rising case of the omicron strain in California has started to give sleepless nights to the government and medical agencies in the state. 

This move was also important as the rising cases of the overall covid virus will surely increase the hospital admissions and in order to be fully prepared for the upcoming winter surge, the healthcare staff has to be completely protected as they have to lead from the front to curb the cases and give proper medications to the infected persons. 

Also, the clinical staff will be in direct contact with the patients and an extra shield is a must to keep their lives safer.

The Governor of California announced this news from his Twitter handle. More details will be shared with the medical staff and authorities and for this, the Governor will conduct a news conference.

The federal government has already allowed booster shots for the healthcare workers in California and those who didn’t follow the rule were suspended from working. 

He also announced that the citizens of California need to follow all the precautionary measures like wearing masks at public places, getting vaccinated, and receiving booster shots if eligible. 

Although various medical experts and authorities have been advocating to change the definition of the fully vaccinated and add a third dose of the vaccination to provide complete safety.

California followed the footprints of New Mexico that allowed all the healthcare workers to receive booster shots at the earliest.