With the rise in the Covid 19 cases in the United States, healthcare specialists are making assumptions as per the data available. 

As per some medical experts in the United States, calling employees to the office even if they are working well from home can be a big mistake especially at this point in time when the Omicron variant has just started to spread.

The Healthcare Experts Are Suggesting Not To Call Employees At Office

The latest statistics released by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that the total Covid 19 cases in the United States have crossed 50 million and the number of death cases is more than 800,000 in the past 2 years, since the start of the pandemic.

The Healthcare Experts Are Suggesting Not To Call Employees At Office

Now such type of reports seems very dangerous as in this data, the omicron cases are not included which are just 43 as of now but as per the predictions from the scientists in the United States, the cases will further rise badly due to the cold weather and festive season.

Although the vaccine mandate rule received a lot of backlashes from the State governments and workers associations in the entire nation. Around 22 state authorities filed a lawsuit against the federal government labeling this mandate as an “unlawful act”.

Under the vaccine mandate rule from President Joe Biden, the big organizations with 100 or more employees need to be fully vaccinated and a fine will be imposed on the employer and it was as high as $ 14000. Some economists also stated that it will lead to more unemployment in the country. 

As per a faculty member of the University of Washington School of Medicine, It is much safer for the employees if they work from home and are not forced to come to the office at least till April 2022. He also raised some concerns like when work is being done, why an employee has to call the office where the danger level is high and the chances of getting infected are very high.

He quoted that the omicron variant travels much faster than the delta variant and bringing people back to the physical office space, the omicron strain will spread easily affecting the healths in a very negative manner.

Only those who are fully vaccinated and have received the booster shots must become eligible to work at the physical office arena.

He also found quoting on the rising cases of the delta variant and stated that we must consider the danger level of the delta strain as right now 99.9 percent. This subtype of covid 19 has contributed the maximum to the deaths in the entire nation. 

The Covid 19 infection is seasonal and it rises more during the extreme winter season. The only best alternative is to get fully vaccinated and make yourself eligible for the booster shots.