With the rise in the Covid 19 cases in the United States of America, vaccines have become an important means to reduce infection. As per Dr. Fauci, around 60 Million American citizens are unvaccinated and it has become a matter of concern for the medical authorities.

The health care workers are the backbone of any nation and what will happen if they are not safe? As per certain reports issued by CDC around one-third of the health care workers in the USA are unvaccinated to fight against the deadly delta variant covid 19 virus.

Health Care Workers  Yet To Receive Vaccination Doses

The frontline workers who are working very hard since the start of the pandemic and even in some states have worked in double shifts to safeguard people from the virus.

The study was conducted by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention to analyze the vaccination rate amongst the health care workers in the United States. So, the analysis was done on 3.3 million workers from more than 2,000 hospitals across the nation.

The data showed some results and one out of every three health care employees in the States are non-vaccinated. These workers are more prone to covid 19 virus symptoms as they are in direct contact with the patients.

Approximately 70 percent of the health care workers received both doses of vaccines till September 2021. So, as of now, around 30 percent are yet to be fully vaccinated.

As per the analysis conducted by the CDC, Dr. Hannah Reses, the vaccination drive took a U-turn, and the vaccine rate was reduced amongst the health care staff, even though they were the only ones eligible to receive vaccine shots when the vaccine drive started in December 2020.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that the unvaccinated people have become a threat even for the fully vaccinated citizens as with the passage of time vaccination effectiveness is reducing.

In the month of August 2021, President Biden passed the vaccine mandate law for the health care staff and private employees in the USA. Some states happily accepted this rule but around 22 states filed the lawsuit against the Federal Government’s vaccine mandate for the employees.

The vaccination rate is different amongst health care professionals. As per research, 96 percent of the doctors are fully vaccinated against only 70 percent vaccine rate amongst medical staff.

The hospital-based health care employees are at bigger risk and achieving maximum vaccination rate must be the top-most priority of the Central Government and other medical authorities in the USA.

We need to make extra efforts to safeguard our health care employees and need to expand the vaccine coverage area at a significant pace. It will surely help in preventing the transmission of SARS-COV-2 to the hospital staff.

The White House and state governments must go the extra mile to support all the health care workers and increase the vaccination rate in the rural areas which are very less if compared to the metropolitan cities.