According to an order issued by a federal court, New York healthcare professionals may temporarily request religious exemptions from the state’s Covid-19 vaccination requirement until the state’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate is lifted.

The decision was issued on Tuesday by US District Judge David Hurd, who granted a temporary restraining order that enables health care employees to request religious exemptions that their employers would review.

Health Care Workers New York, Seek For Religious Exemptions From The Covid Vaccination Requirement, According To An Order From A Federal Court

“The state Health Department is prohibited from nosy in any manner with granting of exemptions from Covid-19 immunization in the future, or with the administration of exemptions that have already been given,” Hurd said.

Health Care Workers New York, Seek Religious Exemptions From Covid Vaccination Requirement

Hurd also prohibited the State health Department from pursuing punitive or other action against health care professionals who have requested or received religious exemptions from having their licenses, certificates, residencies, or other professional qualifications revoked or suspended.

Last month, 17 healthcare professionals, many of whom were unidentified physicians, residents, and nurses, filed a complaint against the Nyc State Health department, claiming that the department’s vaccination requirement did not provide for religious exemptions and was unconstitutional.

On September 14, the court granted a preliminary injunction in connection with the religious exemptions in question in an attempt to get a comment. The media has reached out to Gov. Kathy Hochul, the Nyc Department of Health, and the New York State Attorney general, all of whom were listed as defendants in the lawsuit. CNN has contacted attorneys representing the plaintiffs to provide comments on the decision.

All healthcare employees in New York State were required to get immunized against Covid-19 effective September 27, according to a state regulation published by the state. At the date of the deadline, about 92 percent of hospital employees had received the vaccine throughout the state.

Employer vaccination requirements are becoming more common, although there is still resistance

The health care professionals who demonstrated against the vaccination requirement did so because they did not want to be compelled to take vaccinations that included “fetal cell lines” derived from “procured abortions,” as the law required.

Fetal cell lines were utilized to test and manufacture current Covid-19 vaccinations, as per the judge’s order, which was verified in an affidavit submitted as part of this lawsuit by a New York State public health official of the case.

According to a sworn statement from Dr. Elizabeth Rausch-Phung, medical director of both the Bureau of Immunization just at New York State Department of Health, “while none of the FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccines contain any fetal cells, fetal cell lines have only been ‘used in testing during research and innovation of the mRNA inoculations [Moderna or Pzifer], and during manufacturing of the J&j [Janssen] Vaccine,” the affidavit.

Despite this, the Vatican has said it is “morally permissible” for people to get Covid-19 vaccinations, which were developed using cell lines derived from aborted fetuses during the research and manufacturing process.