Bill Lee’s administration warned state lawmakers that their bill abolishing COVID-19 guidelines would infringe on a federal law that protects people with disabilities and put the state at risk of losing federal funding.

Governor’s Assistant In Tennessee Warned That Covid Statute Was Illegal

New York Municipal Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that all city workers would be obliged to get vaccinated in the event of an outbreak of infectious disease.

Governor's Assistant Warned That Covid Statute Was Illegal

Law was passed against resistance from the Republican-controlled Legislature. It was signed into law by the Republican governor less than two weeks after it was enacted. Before they can proceed, Lee has said that certain issues still need to be worked out before the process can begin.

As he says in the video, he is worried about the legislation’s impact on hospital visiting limitations and the state’s ability to manage its own employment regulations in the future. However, the governor has shown little concern about the state’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in public discourse.

According to information gathered in private, his legislative counsel told members on the night of the bill’s passage that they were in breach of federal law.

As of 12:44 am on October 30, Liz Alvey, Legislative Counsel, wrote an email to Randy McNally, chief of staff of Senate Speaker Rick Nicholson and Luke Gustafson in the office of Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson to inform both of them of the potential hazard. There had been an earlier effort by the governor’s office to raise awareness of the same issue.

According to Alvey, the bill’s ADA accommodations are in breach of the ADA and might result in the loss of federal funding. As a rush of last-minute amendments was being debated and added to the statute, this warning was sent.

The final statute was passed about an hour later, in the early hours of the next morning. It is not clear when or if she gave the governor legal advice. Still, the governor does get a different legal opinion from his staff before making a decision on signing the legislation. Lee’s government, on the other hand, made no mention of this problem during their speech.

The governor said that there are concerns that need to be addressed in the next legislative session, and we will engage with lawmakers on these matters. The spokesman of Lee Casey Black responded to the AP’s question about why the legislation was passed by referencing an email in which Lee’s lawyers indicated that doing so would violate federal law.

Overall, the bill is a reply to the enormous overreach of the federal government. Children with disabilities’ families challenged the law in federal court, arguing that their children were at risk of serious damage should schools not be allowed to enforce masks indoors since the probabilities of infection were substantially greater.

It has now been determined that the new legislation does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and U.S. District Judge Waverly Crenshaw has ordered that the prohibition against school mask requirements not be imposed. State Attorney General Herbert Slatery has been assigned to defend the law’s provisions on special-needs accommodations for Lee and his education commissioner