According to the Washington Post, the White House announced Monday that 95 percent of the federal workers had complied with the Biden administration’s immunization obligation.

Jeff Zients, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, verified earlier media claims at a press conference that 95 percent of the federal government’s 3.5 million federal workers had been vaccinated before tonight’s deadline. Federal personnel in every part of the United States and across the world have been successfully implementing our vaccination obligations, and we are confident in our success.

95 Percent Of Government Employees Have Been Vaccinated

According to a top administration official, over 90% of workers have taken at least one flu vaccination; the other 5% have filed exemption petitions that have been accepted or are in the process of being authorized.

95 Percent Of Government Employees Have Been Vaccinated

Covid-19 vaccinations were administered to more than 90% of the workers, with the “vast majority” of those receiving two doses, according to the official. Government personnel was required to be vaccinated by the end of the day on Monday when this remark was issued. Reuters was the first to reveal the immunization rate.

This is neither a cliff nor an endpoint, according to Zients, who stressed on Monday that the goal of vaccination legislation is to protect workers rather than to penalize them. They’re witnessing a growing number of government employees being vaccinated on a daily basis.

When it comes to those employees who haven’t done so, organizations are beginning to educate and advise them about their legal rights, as well.

According to IRS employee Zients, 98% of IRS employees have complied with the rules, and around 25% of those employees received their injections after the directive was announced. While 98 percent of Customs and Border Protection workers have been vaccinated, and 99 percent of FAA employees adhere to the rules and regulations, the FBI has 99 percent of its staff vaccinated.

According to the TSA, 93 percent of its employees have received flu immunizations before the Christmas travel season starts. As early as Monday morning, reports in the media said that the administration’s expectations for compliance had been exceeded.

“Education and Counseling Process” will be provided to those who have not complied or who do not have an approved exception or waiver in place, the official stated.

Federal departments and agencies will continue to process and review information and documentation regarding vaccinations and the official stated (extension request). Additional enforcement actions might be taken in the future if required.

On Wednesday morning, the Office of Management and Budget will produce a summary visual of agency data about compliance, according to a federal official.

Before the Covid-19 epidemic this year, Vice President Biden issued rigorous new vaccination guidelines for government employees, big companies, and healthcare professionals in an attempt to prevent the highly transmissible Delta form, which triggered an emergency proclamation by the president.

According to Biden’s instruction to the Labor Department, all companies with more than 100 workers must ensure that their personnel is vaccinated or tested once a week. A total of 84 million workers will be impacted by the new restrictions, which take effect on January 4.