Google Glass may have never become a fixture in customary individuals’ every day lives like Google may have trusted, however the wearable gadget keeps on trucking.

The tech giant launched a new version of Glass on Monday. As its name proposes, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 expands upon the business-focused course Google went in with the gadget in 2017. Glass EE 2 brings another CPU and a large group of different upgrades alongside it.

Above all else, the new glasses come packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chip. Google said the new tech powering Glass would enable more efficient power use, better performance and better machine learning capabilities.

That nice new battery would now be able to be charged utilizing a new USB-C port, too. It additionally accompanies a superior camera, for good measure. It’s $999, which makes it $500 less expensive than the inferior version Google started conveying to clients in 2013.

Last yet unquestionably not least, the newer Glass model looks significantly less silly than the old ones.

The first iteration of Glass wasn’t actually the hit Google needed it to be. Beside the steep price, Plenty of individuals reasonably discovered it somewhat unpleasant that others were strolling around with web associated cameras on their faces, something that still hasn’t gotten on in a big way six years later.

One individual required with the first Glass venture communicated lament over the manner in which Google handled the rollout. In 2015, Google declared Glass would go on hiatus before bringing it in 2017 as an enterprise tool.

From that point forward, there have been plenty of stories about how useful the technology has been in more specialized circumstances. Even if Glass or other wearable face devices never become mainstream, it seems like they might still have their uses, after all.

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