DroidMaze says that Google has been busy testing new features on the mobile version of YouTube. Remember back 2007 when one promotion for the Apple iPhone said that “maybe the biggest surprise is finding YouTube on your phone.” But nowadays, every iOS and Android telephone approaches the streaming video site and Google keeps on improving the UI and functionality of the application.

For instance, a limited number of Android clients are currently testing a feature called Loop video that is as of now offered to those running the desktop version of YouTube. With this feature, a video will consequently keep on playing again and again. This truly isn’t intended for a long movie like Titanic (which runs for three hours and 30 minutes), however for short music recordings that can be over in less than four minutes.

In the event that you have an Android device, you can search for the Loop video alternative by tapping the three dot menu button. The element has a icon comprising of a right facing arrow on top, a left facing arrow at the bottom with the number “1” sandwiched in the middle.

Additionally being tested is another feature considered Clip that permits YouTube clients to make 60 second video clips from existing videos. The clip you make would then be able to be imparted to other people. Clasp, which utilizes the image of a scissor for its symbol, is being tried on both Android and iOS devices which implies that you probably won’t see it on your device right now.