Google has a new Doodle to commemorate the Philippines’ Independence Day, Wednesday, June 12.

The Doodle demonstrates the Google logo on a blue banner on which an animated Philippine flag is appeared at the breeze. The foundation shows clouds and the sky.

On the official Doodle page on Google, a short expound up on Independence Day shows up alongside an Independence Day welcoming in Filipino toward the end. We’ve reposted it here:

“On this day in 1898, the Philippines, an archipelago of in excess of 7,000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean named after Spanish King Philip II, announced freedom from Spain after over 300 years of frontier rule. The present Doodle salutes Philippines Independence Day, celebrated over the islands and in Filipino people group everywhere throughout the world.

A commemorative ceremony happens every year in Kawit, in the region of Cavite, where the Declaration of Independence was first read by Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista at the home of General Emilio Aguinaldo, presently known as the Aguinaldo Shrine. Other than the public reading of this notable archive—in the first Spanish just as in Tagalog – the first flag raising is reenacted.

The flag itself is a powerful symbol of the independence movement: blue speaking to truth and equity, red symbolizing enthusiasm, and white representing equity. The stars at the flag’s corners speak to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the three primary districts of the Philippines. The eight beams encompassing the sun represent the initial eight areas that struggled against Spain.

Independence Day is set apart by happy motorcades across the country, including a police and military procession in the capital city of Manila that finishes with a speech by the president, followed by a 21-gun salute. Families and friends take advantage of this day off from work and school to enjoy quality time together, this year to celebrate this country’s 121 years of independence.

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