His stills have that enchanting quality in them that makes you ask for more.

Photography is an art of amalgamating your creativity and imagination and bringing them to life through your pictures. Gabriel has carved a niche for himself in the world of photography. His work is widely appreciated and recognised by a lot of eminent entities. His knack of visualising art is far ahead from the photographers of today’s times.

Photography has always been his first love since his early days and to fuel his passion, he bought an Olympus-OM-2 camera and started experimenting with his image capturing skills. From clicking images of football matches to capturing the most beautiful moments of nature, Gabriel has come a long way. Environmental portrait photography is his niche in which he has excelled to such an extent that his clicks are featured in Vogue Italia. Before initiating any photoshoot, Gabriel embarks in research and immaculate planning which is executed clearly in all his work.

Photography has come a long way from camera rolls to the digital era. Gabriel informs us how he still has loads of negatives from his initial days stored up in his closet which are indeed very close to his heart. Talking about present time, his children Bruno and Rosiane, have also imbibed their fathers qualities and have turned out to be exceptional photographers themselves. Daughter Rosiane, in spite of being a model, has excellent photography skills and has almost partnered along with her father to all photoshoots that have made headlines in the recent period. You can spot her in almost all the pictures that are captured through Gabriel’s camera lenses.

When asked about what are the qualities of a photographer that make his work stand out from others? “Photography is not all about clicking pictures with expensive high-end cameras which are easy to operate even by a beginner. Capturing images which are common or imitating the style of other photographers is not creativity, for one has to be well conversant with the detailing of visuals. Literacy on the subject is highly essential to distinguish a good photographer from an average one. Clicking an image and the art of clicking an image are totally two different aspects which need to be understood by aspiring photographers.”

To have a look at Gabriels work, follow him on www.instagram.com/rosyimages