Covid-19 is causing so many fatalities in Idaho that certain funeral homes have been running out of capacity to keep the corpses, as coronavirus fatalities continue to rise throughout the country. Owens said that the county purchased a mass fatality trailer late last year in order to handle a greater number of corpses, and that trailer has also reached capacity in recent weeks, he added.

As per the Centers for Disease and Prevention, Idaho is among the lowest immunization rates in the country, with 41.3 percent of the state’s entire population having had a complete vaccine as of Saturday (CDC).

Some Funeral Houses In Idaho Reportedly Running Out Of Room Because Of The Covid Outbreak

West Virginia (40.3 percent) and Wyoming (40.3 percent) are the only 2 states that have failed to completely vaccinate their people (41 percent). According to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Saturday, Covid-19 has killed an average of 20 individuals each day in Idaho over the last week.

Some Funeral Houses In Idaho Reportedly Running Out Of Room Because Of The Covid Outbreak

According to statistics from the United States Department of Human services Services, as of Saturday, 90 percent of Idaho’s intensive care unit beds were filled, with a national high of 58.6 percent of those beds being utilized by Covid-19 patients. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 55 percent of all US citizens had been vaccinated since about Saturday, and 75 percent of those who were vaccine-eligible had gotten at least one dosage of inoculation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that although the majority of citizens are at least partly immunized, Covid-19 fatalities reached a 7-day moving average of around 1,595 regular deaths as of Friday. Several funeral homes in Idaho are facing capacity problems as a result of a low immunization rate and a rising Covid-19 mortality toll.

The managing partner of Cloverdale Funeral Home of Ada County, Steve Salove, told television station KIVI that the funeral home has brought in a refrigerated trailer for the first time since the coronavirus epidemic started because more room is required.

Salove said that a significant portion of the issue stems from the fact that many of the victims’ families and friends are also infected with Covid-19, requiring corpses to be kept until they recuperate from the disease and are able to attend the burial. 

Summers Funeral Home, which is also in Ada County, informed KIVI that it is working on increasing capacity in the event that the number of fatalities continues to rise. As hospitals, as well as funeral homes, struggle to maintain the effects of Covid-19 in Idaho, one school district in the state has temporarily closed its doors after some of its employees and kids tested positive with the disease.

Officials of the Filer School District announced that the district would be closed Friday owing to “excessive staff absenteeism and a lack of substitute instructors” in a Facebook post. During the brief break, which concludes on October 4, students will not be able to study remotely. According to Kelli Schroeder, FSD Superintendent, in an email to the media, “it is difficult to determine if the absences, as well as shortages, are related to Covid-19.”