Serving his life as an infantry platoon commander had been always his dream goal since the start. Jeremy had a keen interest in the marine corps and therefore in the year 1999, he got assigned for his childhood dream career.

The journey of Jeremy Stalnecker comprises many different experiences. From the battalion breaching the berm for separating Kuwait and Iraq and securing the first major objective of the war, to providing navigation and lead security for the battalion, Jeremy had a wonderful time serving the nation, making his people proud of the job and also being the hero to many young ones.

However, the whole picture took a great turn when a month after post-return to Iraq, Jeremy Stalnecker became a staff member of his home church at Coastline Baptist in Oceanside, CA. Here he gained ministry experience as an Assistant Pastor, that would equip him for the further leading of God. In his role as an Assistant Pastor, he counseled and mentored many couples and individuals while also maintaining other church responsibilities.

It was a great privilege for Jeremy to be able to serve in this capacity so close to Camp Pendleton since most of the people he worked with were either Marines or the family members of Marines. Later, during the year 2008, Jeremy and his family took on a new responsibility when he became the Senior Pastor, just east of San Francisco Bay at Bay Area Baptist Church in Fremont, CA. On this account, he continued to minister to families and individuals in a wide range of areas.

The journey was not over yet. It was much more written in his script, that after serving in the role of senior pastor for nearly seven years, the door leading to a full-time position with the Mighty Oaks Foundation opened. Now the name “Jeremy Stalnecker” became the CEO of Mighty Oaks Foundation, an organisation that would look after the military veterans and their family members, who post-combat faces multiple psychological issues and couldn’t adjust to normal civilian life.

The move drove him to go deep down on the hidden atrocity, and eventually made him save countless lives of military veterans and their family members. This also led him to become the hero of many lives, and now it’s an organisation that has broken the records and made history to reminisce forever.