More and more brands are only interested in marketing and selling their products which are
totally fine and respectable. Nevertheless, other brands want that and to also make an
impact, inspire people and have it mean something. Unfortunately, the brands that want to
make a difference are not household names just yet but they work tirelessly to get there.
Freyatreasures is a perfect embodiment if that and more.
To start with a little background, Freya is the name of the greek goddess of love and beauty.
She was known to be powerful and bold which are qualities instilled in the brand. The
brand’s whole commitment is to promote and encourage women owning their bodies and
feeling confident being themselves.
The founders of Freya care as much about the business side of things as they do about their
impact which should not be taken for granted during these times, especially when many
brands refuse to support social issues or even speak about them. Freyatreasures wanted to
make their customer’s purchase meaningful and not just another transaction.That’s why they
pledged to donate and help women who have been subjected to domestic violence and help
them get out and regain their confidence.
As far as their work ethic goes, their continued efforts and work to better the brand and
continuously putting in the hours has paid off as they have amassed more than 50 000
happy customers over the course of two years and a half. This is by no means an easy
accomplishment that we commend them for.
The inexpensive aspect of the jewelry makes the brand catered to all types of people to
enjoy which in itself is an amazing decision. Without skipping over the amazing quality that
these treasures offer, water resistance, sweat and alcohol proof with enough sparkle and
shine to blind them all.
Just as brands choose different paths, consumers go both ways as well. Some opt to only
shop from brands that put their money where their heart is and others who believe that is
quality above all, believe that it doesn;t really have a correlation . Whatever you choose is
respectable. Having the choice is the biggest privilege and convenience. Freyatreasures
offers you both possibilities which can be hard to find these days and which shouldn’t go