In France, COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated adults is no longer available for free unless a physician recommends them. While tests will continue to be provided free of charge for immunized adults as well as all children under the age of 18, individuals who have not had their vaccinations will be required to pay between 22 and 45 euros ($25 and $52) to get checked as of Friday.

France Requires Unvaccinated To Undergo For Tests

As an addition to the COVID-19 permits, which have been needed in France since the summer, the government implemented the modification. To be granted a permit, people must provide proof of immunization, a recent negative test, or evidence of recent recovery from the virus. Passes are needed for visits to tourist attractions, hospital visits, as well as rail and airline journeys inside the country. France’s immunization rate has increased as a result of the pass criterion, which was announced in July.

France Requires Unvaccinated To Undergo For Tests

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In France, more than 49 million individuals, or about 74 percent of the population, have received a complete vaccination against the coronavirus. Everyone above the age of 12 is entitled to get vaccinations.

The number of new coronavirus illnesses and fatalities in Russia increased to a new high on Friday, adding to an already heavy burden on the country’s healthcare system, struggling to keep up with the rising tide. According to the government, coronavirus task force officials reported 32,196 new verified coronavirus infections and 999 fatalities in the previous 24 hours.

The death toll has been breaking records daily over the last several days. It is now nearing 1,000 as illnesses spread despite a low vaccination rate and Russian officials’ unwillingness to tighten restrictions that further damage the economy. This week, the Russian government announced that approximately 43 million Russians, or approximately 29 percent of the country’s roughly 146 million inhabitants, had received their complete vaccinations.

But Kremlin also has ruled out a national lockdown, such as the one that occurred early in the epidemic, which had a negative impact on the economy and eroded President Vladimir Putin’s popularity in the process. Instead, it really has delegated authority to regional authorities for the purpose of enforcing coronavirus limitations.

According to British health authorities, it is possible that 43,000 individuals in southwest England were incorrectly diagnosed as not having the coronavirus since of issues at a private laboratory. According to the United Kingdom’s Health Security Agency, a lab in Wolverhampton, central England, has been ordered to stop processing the swabs after complaints of false-negative results. The erroneous findings are among the tests that were processed just at Immensa Medical Center Lab between the beginning of September but this week.

The problem was discovered when it was discovered that several individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 after they performed fast testing afterward tested negative when they conducted more precise PCR tests. Residents of West Berkshire Council who were tested just at government-run Newbury Showground between October 3 and December 12 but were informed their results were negative are being encouraged to get their blood tested again.