As a consequence of the flu outbreak, the governors of Maine and New York called in the National Guard to help fill in the gaps left by understaffed medical facilities throughout their states. According to a statement published Wednesday, the New York National Guard has sent 120 medics and medical technicians to one dozen long-time care facilities around the state. Governor Kathy Hochulauthorized the deployment last week in response to a staffing shortage.

Flu Pandemic Has Prompted The National Guards

Troops were sent to Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany, Plattsburgh, and Plattsburgh, as well as to the cities of Plattsburgh, Uniondale, and Olean, according to a National Guard statement.

Flu Pandemic Has Prompted The National Guards

There have been rumblings that she may deploy the Guard to medical facilities at some point. At least a half-dozen hospitals in northern New York were running at less than 10% capacity last week, largely due to staff shortages.

Gov. Janet Mills requested the mobilization of the Maine National Guard in response to an upsurge in the number of Covid-19 cases. As of Wednesday, 379 people in the state have been hospitalized with Covid-19, with 60 of them on ventilators; this is a record-high. On Wednesday, Mills’ office published a statement saying that Maine had just 42 critical care unit beds available. Covid-19 vaccinations have been administered to 73% and 16% of Maine’s population.

Gov. As part of the state’s winter surge preparations, Christopher Sununu has asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Guard to help the state in preparing for the Covid-19 winter surge. On Wednesday, at his Covid-19 news conference, Sununu revealed that they had contacted FEMA to ask for some assistance in preparing for the winter surge of patients. According to what they’ve told us, the first 24-person crew is anticipated to arrive in New Hampshire as early as this weekend.

He said that by hiring more staff, hospitals would be able to build new wing additions to serve their local populations better. 30 paramedics from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be in New Hampshire by the end of the week to assist with the crisis. According to Sununu, these 30 paramedics would be dispatched to the hospitals with the highest COVID load. With winter patient numbers expected to soar, the governor said officials have been in touch with local hospitals to identify the best approach to use the National Guard.

A group of 70 members of the National Guard will be sent in the coming weeks to assist hospitals in regions of greatest need, assisting with operations that will help hospitals run more smoothly. To assist with everything from soup kitchens to food service and secretarial duties at healthcare institutions, he says, it will give them better coordination of effort so that they can provide more effective healthcare services.

There were 184 people diagnosed with Covid-19 during a news conference held by Dr. Benjamin Chan, state epidemiologist for New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services. At least 1200 to 1300 new diseases were reported daily during the last week, and there are already 9,868 people who are affected. The number of people who test positive for them continues to rise.

Hospitalizations and deaths have also increased, according to Chan. The state of California presently has 462 patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Eleven additional deaths from COVID-19 have been reported to bring the overall number of COVID-19 deaths to 1,768 since the outbreak began in March.