Since its origin in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in the deaths of almost 5 million people worldwide and alone more than 780,000 deaths in the United States and it is expected to rise even more during the cold weather and Christmas Holidays.

In Flu Pandemic, There Would Be 6 Times More Deaths Than In Covid 19

The highly infectious disease of the respiratory system is constantly developing, posing the risk of yet another coronavirus crisis in the coming years. In comparison to COVID-19, a widespread flu pandemic, according to infectious disease specialists, remains a “severe and deadly” threat to humans.

In Flu Pandemic  6 Times More Deaths Than In Covid 19

As per Professor Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Infectious Disease Policy and Research stated that a worldwide flu outbreak could be far nasty when it comes to assessing its danger level and overall death tolls.

According to his assessment and analytical reports, there can be directly more than 33 million cases of flu during the first six months which is an alarming situation for the medical agencies. It is not a small number to be ignored easily as it is at least 6 times more than the l covid 19 deaths.

The vaccine manufacturing companies need to work on developing vaccines and the government should offer an ample amount of incentives to the vaccine manufacturers. Our main focus must be producing low-range vaccines so that low and middle-income countries can easily produce vaccines on their own and reduce the dependency in the long run. 

An interesting fact about both diseases is the severity of blocking the respiratory system. During the winter and autumn seasons, the flu cases are always expected to rise, and also, Covid 19 virus is highly transmissible in cold weather.

Though researchers and medical specialists are continuously working on the severity of both on the respiratory system, the results are still not satisfactory and demand more study of both. The Influenza and Covid symptoms are the same which include, cough, difficulty in breathing, muscle pain, nausea.

It is expected that influenza will beat covid 19 to become the worst disease and is expecting almost 33 million deaths, against 5 million Covid 19 deaths till now, according to the reports from WHO. On average, every year flu kills between 250,000 to 650,000 people.

Till now there is as such no powerful and effective vaccination has been developed to fight the influenza virus for a certain time period.

The World Health Organization is very much concerned about the situation where flu might expand during the peak Covid time and create ruckus and no one can predict when influenza will outbreak. But if it happens the condition will become worse and medical facilities might fail.

The medical agencies must equip themselves with a whopping 4 billion shots of influenza vaccination just in case. People need to understand the severity of the situation and try to follow all the precautions that are necessary to keep themselves protected.