The medical authorities in the USA are very concerned about the rising cases of flu. Last year due to covid the Flu rate was very low and below the average cases in the USA. The CDC has also warned that the flu is more dangerous than Covid 19 as in the first six months of the flu outbreak it can kill up to 6 times more than the total world’s Covid death cases. 

Flu Outbreak Hits The University Of Michigan

On November 10, the University of Michigan reported a large increase in COVID cases. The underlying cause of the increase in instances was thought to be gatherings without masks and a failure to follow preventative measures. The employees’ cases were observed to be steady at a certain point.

Flu Outbreak Hits The University Of Michigan

According to various students, normalcy can be seen among the students as they assemble for conversations without restrictions, and students are also obtaining their booster shots to keep themselves safe. A couple of the kids also stated that the virus outbreak has been a result of Halloween parties being organized on the campus without mask mandate. Now the holidays and winter season are approaching, the cases will surely see a huge surge.

The CDC has also agreed to collaborate with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to analyze the situation and determine the reasons for the flu’s spread and vaccination effectiveness.

Officials are urging the entire country to be vaccinated, not only for themselves but for everyone. Many people in the country are yet to become eligible for immunization. Vaccinations, according to physicians, can help guard against severe disease, hospitalization, and death caused by COVID. Those who are completely vaccinated must check their eligibility and get their booster shot done soon. 

The current situation at the University of Michigan, according to the state and local health officials, Michigan is experiencing its first flu outbreak. According to statistics, 98 percent of people have been immunized against the virus, and roughly a third of students have had a flu vaccine.

According to Dr. Lindsey Mortenson, the university medical director, said those who are hesitant and do not make time for immunizations are to blame, as the majority of the reported patients are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. People are assuming that COVID vaccination is enough to protect against the flu virus, but it isn’t.

Another major concern is the forthcoming Thanksgiving holidays when the kids will be returning to their homes. This makes them more susceptible to the virus, and once they return from vacation, students will be more likely to transmit it. According to Dr. David Donaldson, chief of emergency medicine at Beaumont Hospital, not only is COVID a problem, but the university is also seeing viruses like RSV and influenza, for which no instances have been reported in over a year.

Due to the unexpected spike in the number of patients, ICU beds and healthcare personnel are once again in limited supply. The patients are either COVID-positive or COVID-negative, and both require equal attention, which is becoming problematic for the personnel in light of the rising positivity rate.

According to sources, only the situation after the holidays is being watched with crossed fingers in the hopes of seeing fewer instances in hospitals.