The vaccine mandate has been a new focal point for every state and till now 26 states have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government against,  vaccine mandate, mask mandate, and regular testing of private employers and employees. 

Florida Special Session Kicks Off

Florida continued the decline, listing 10,746 new cases in Friday’s report. The positive rate also fell from 2.6% to 2.5%. 

According to the study, the number of those vaccinated in Florida increased dramatically from 56,500 to 109,459 last week. About 67% of the eligible Florida population and less than 64% of the total population are vaccinated. In Friday’s FDOH report of 4,444, the state added 363 COVID-19 deaths, bringing the total to  60,697. 

According to the latest version of concern data available to The Sun, including data up to November 4, approximately 74% of Florida’s 48,300 VOC cases relate to the delta strain COVID19. Of those, about 2% were hospitalized and 1.3%  died. Of the 483 Delta deaths in the state, 195 were women, 287 were men over 2399 years old, and one 9-year-old girl. Five people traveled, 147 had contact with a confirmed case, and 268 were hospitalized. There were 340 whites, 80 blacks, and 122 Hispanics. 

 Florida Vaccine Details 

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made mandatory immunizations a key part of his Covid strategy. 

 Making it law now rests in the hands of Florida lawmakers returning to the state capital on Monday for a special legislative session dedicated specifically to this issue. 

The Gov announced that if the legislation is passed then they will find businesses and hospitals that will abide by Joe Biden’s vaccine and mask mandate law.  DeSantis said in a press release: nobody should lose their job because of this rule as vaccination by force won’t be happening here at all. 

 “We’re going for freedom,” DeSantis said. 

 DeSantis has become one of the major Republicans opposing the Covid-related orders: the first governor and presidential candidate of 2024 will see a surge in deaths and hospitalizations in his state over the summer, despite a surge in deaths and hospitalizations on vaccines, school masks, and more about the epidemic. He had a constant debate with Biden over policy and he and his administration will surely punish businesses that will help the Biden administration to fulfill this goal. 

 Resistance to prescribing vaccines and other public health measures to combat COVID-19 has spread among Republican states and  Republican politicians, using it to support true pro-Trump supporters and attack the Biden administration. 

 By Sunday, the United States had recorded nearly 763,000 deaths out of more than 47 million COVID-19 cases. With a population of more than 62,600, Florida has the third-highest number of deaths in the state, behind only California and Texas. Approximately 58 percent of the population has received all of their vaccinations. 

On Friday, a conservative federal court in New Orleans refused to reverse a delay imposed on the Biden administration’s rule that businesses employing 100 or more employees must require vaccinations, masks, and routine check-ups from January 4th. The administration said it is confident that the rule is legal and will eventually prevail.