Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has threatened to penalize counties and towns across the state over vaccination requirements. County and municipal governments who do not require their workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 will face a $5,000 punishment, according to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. They claimed the state would penalize them for doing so.

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Threatens To Fine State Counties Over Vaccine Mandates

According to DeSantis, who described it as a means to “defend Florida employment,” “you don’t simply throw away folks who have been serving honorably over this issue over something that is essentially a personal decision on their own health.” The fines, which drew a strong response from local officials in counties across the state, highlight the widespread Republican opposition to President Joe Biden’s current effort to contain the pandemic by trying to impose stringent new vaccine rules on federal employees, large employers, and healthcare workers.

Earlier this week, Vice President Biden ordered the Labor Department to mandate that all companies with 100 plus employees guarantee that their staff either are vaccinated or tested for the virus once a week.

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Threatens To Fine State Counties And Cities Over Vaccine Mandates

If a company does not comply, it may be subject to hundreds of dollars in penalties for each employee. In addition, the President issued an executive order mandating all government workers to be vaccinated for Covid-19, with no opportunity to opt-out of the vaccination via frequent testing.

Employers that want their workers to come back to work and remain at work would benefit from vaccination mandates, according to Dr. Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General. On Monday, DeSantis claimed the requirements are in violation of a new Florida law enacted during the state’s latest legislative session that prohibits private companies from demanding evidence of vaccination, but which also applies to government institutions such as schools and hospitals.

On Monday, Jerry Demings, Orange County Mayor, said that, despite the fact that “it may be a lot of money,” the county would continue to “defend the larger collective of people in our community” despite DeSantis’ warning.I think that many of the choices he takes are simply political in nature, and that is not how I make choices as a crisis manager, particularly as an accomplished crisis manager. He may claim that he does.”

Those sentiments were mirrored by the Democratic mayor of Gainesville, Lauren Poe, who mandated that all municipal workers produce evidence of vaccination by October 1 or face being fired.‘

In a statement issued on Monday, Leon County Administrator Vincent Long said in a similar manner that “This clarification is essential since vaccines as an employment condition in Leon County are lawful and will continue to be in force in the future as well. They will continue to behave responsibly in order to maintain their operational preparedness to react to the demands of our community while also ensuring the safety of our workers and contractors.”

According to statistics from the United States Department of Health & Human Services, Florida is one of only a few states with an ICU bed option of less than 10 percent. As of Thursday, the nationwide availability rate hovered around 20 percent.