When you are feeling down, helping someone else can make you feel much improved. It’s particularly important to recall this in our intimate relationships.

If you get back home and you’re grumpy, and you spread that energy around, the evening may not be as wonderful as it could be. Rather, be aware of your mood and, when you walk in the door, leave your negativity outside.

Consider who is inside, and grasp those you adore. That by itself will lift you out of your own troubles and tiredness. It will likewise keep the negativity out of your home and far from those you care for.

Here are a few more tips for how to turn negative energy into something positive.

1. Don’t project negative emotions onto others.

If you know you are not in the best of moods, remember that projecting those negative feelings onto others won’t make anyone feel better. The way to avoid lashing out is to realise that the ones you love don’t deserve to be the recipients of that kind of energy. You can control your behaviour, even if you are in a bad mood.

2. Nonverbal communication helps.

If you are feeling sad but don’t really want to talk about it, ask for a hug. The nonverbal connection you have with people you love is very powerful. Only a look from an individual who cherishes you can give you the consolation you have to endure whatever is vexing you at the time.

3. Cuddles

If you or your partner have had a hard day, head to sleep early and simply snuggle. Genuine love is an extraordinary healer. It will enable you to get over your inconveniences and get ready for tomorrow. Being held is so important, no matter how strong you think you are.

4. Small gifts

Cheap little gifts can make anybody smile. I like to keep two or three little things covered up away, so when I see the woman I love get a little upset about something, I can be right there, kissing her cheek and giving her something to play with or wear. She usually pops right out of her down mood. She even starts dancing around the house. Showing a little affection (and planning ahead) can make your life much more enjoyable.

5. Helping with chores

Switch roles as you take care of tasks around the house. This can lift your mood, especially if you make it fun. My wife is the main cook, but every now and then I surprise her with one of my Rachael Ray recipes (last time she actually thought I had gotten takeout from a fancy restaurant). Simple acts of kindness and love are what make a relationship work.

If I’m not happy for some reason, just doing a little something for the woman I love improves my mood.

I have spent much of my life giving to others, because it has always just felt like the right thing for me to do, and it has come back to me in so many positive ways. Whenever you think life has taken away something good, reach out and make your loved ones smile.

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