Since August 16, thirteen school workers from Miami-Dade County Public Schools have perished as a result of Covid-19, according to the school system and the local teacher union, which was released to the public.

Among the 13 were 4 teachers, 1 security guard, 1 cafeteria worker, and 7 school bus drivers, according to Karla Hernandez-Mats, president of the United Teachers of Dade, which organized the strike. All of them had not been immunized.

13 Since The Middle Of August, Five School Workers In Miami-Dade County Have Died From Covid

In her statement, Hernandez-Mats said that “they were outstanding educators and individuals” and that “their loss is being felt across the community.” The Covid-19 dashboard for the school district keeps track of incidents but not of fatalities.

13 Since The Middle Of August, Five School Workers In Miami-Dade County Have Died From Covid

According to a spokesman, they were made aware of the 13 fatalities via anecdotal reports and family members who reported them.

According to the district, every member of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools family feels the loss of any of their colleagues, which stated that every person of the organization is considered a part of the family. “They offered their sympathies and condolences to the families of those who have lately lost their lives,” says the statement.

A total of 147 kids and 186 staff have tested positive with Covid-19 since the dashboard began monitoring instances for the school year on August 13, according to data from the district dashboard. The first day of school in Miami-Dade County was August 23.

A mask requirement has been imposed in Miami-Dade County schools, which is the state’s biggest school system and only one of just a few school districts in the state to do so in defiance of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

After the pop-up immunization site is launched, there is reason to be optimistic

Hernandez-Mats assisted in the coordination of a pop-up immunization station for Miami-Dade County workers on Tuesday, in memory of those who died in the district.

She estimated that 40 individuals had shown up to get their first injection within a couple of hours of the event’s start. While that figure may not seem to be significant, she believes it offers her reason to be optimistic.

Hernandez-Mats said that all of the disinformation is causing a lot of anxiety in a neighborhood that is neglected by the government. They looked at the data that we obtained from the county’s department of health, and what they found was that just 30 percent of the African American population gets vaccinated, which is much lower than the county’s overall vaccination rate of 80 percent.0

According to her, 13 of the company’s workers died as a result of their work. The pop-up facility will be available for a second time in a few weeks in order to administer the second dosage of the vaccination.

The district wants to provide incentives for individuals to be vaccinated

It is expected that the Miami-Dade school system will submit an item to the school board this week, which would “ask for a one-time $275 payment for every full-time and permanent part-time staff who shows evidence of complete immunization,” according to a spokeswoman for the district.

According to the results of a study performed by the United Teachers of Dade, 85 percent of the district’s teachers had gotten at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination.