The Navy gave sailors who had been denied an exemption from the Covid-19 vaccination a five-day ultimatum more than two weeks ago to finish the treatment or face expulsion from the military.

According to Navy figures, about 99.5 percent of the Navy’s active-duty personnel have been fully or partially immunized by the deadline of November 28. A total of 1,750 sailors out of a 350,000-strong crew remain unvaccinated as a consequence.

As Per The Navy, A Five-Day Grace Period Has Been Provided To Sailors

Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr., the commander of naval personnel, said in a letter distributed to all military personnel that the Navy’s policy is to dismiss any service members who do not comply with an official order to get the COVID-19 immunization. More than 97% of service members in the Air Force were immunized before the deadline.

As Per The Navy, A Five-Day Grace Period Has Been Provided To Sailors

Military officials are evaluating medical and religious exemption applications, but naval troops will not be separated or penalized. According to the Navy, six medical exemptions had been granted as of last week, but no religious waivers had been granted. Dismissal under honorable circumstances is possible for people who refuse to vaccinate after being denied an exemption from vaccination requirements.

In the event that you leave the armed forces, you may lose your right to receive some VA benefits, such as GI Bill payments. Depending on the conditions, it might take weeks or even months to be released from military service.

Any existing agreements will be canceled when Sailors who reject vaccinations are released from custody and cannot continue their careers or re-enlist in the Navy for the duration of the procedure. Employees who opt not to participate will be unable to receive any kind of pay, including bonuses.

Sailors who refuse to take immunizations might lose their eligibility for military-to-civilian education and training assistance programs.

Additionally, the Marine Corps has set a completion date of November 28 for its immunization campaign. As of last week, the Marine Corps reports that all active-duty Marines had gotten some kind of influenza vaccination. According to the Army’s latest statistics, the Army estimates that its vaccination rate was 94% as of December 15, the last date for immunizations.

According to the Air Force, its goal of completing its immunization program by November 2 has been reached. Over 97% of active-duty airmen had already had their vaccinations by the time the deadline rolled around, and hundreds more sought religious exemptions as the day approached.

More than 8,500 people had not been vaccinated as of early this month, the Air Force said, with around 5,000 people having obtained religious exemptions.

There were 1,600 medical exemptions granted by the Air Force in the preceding fiscal year’s fiscal year, along with 232 administrative exemptions. The Department of Defense will take disciplinary action against them if they do not prove their immunity by the following Tuesday, November 22.