It has been stated by many medical agencies that proper vaccination can be the best preventive measure to start safe this festive season. A complete vaccination can be the key to safe and secure health from the deadly Coronavirus and is the only way to keep your family safe. 

The festive season like Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner and the surge in the cases has become a headache for most of the states and The Central government. 

The Festive Is Around The Corner And Vaccines Can Serve As A Life Saver

In the past few weeks, different states of the US have noticed a huge surge in the Covid 19 patients. and most of the cases are from unvaccinated people.

The Biden Administration is looking out for measures that can prevent the rise in cases and aid in the security of the population.

The Festive Is Around The Corner And Vaccines Can Serve As A Life Saver

Further, as Thanksgiving is about to arrive and people are looking forward to spending quality time with their loved ones. They might throw in-house parties without masks and it can become a huge concern as we saw back at the Halloween day parties and cases saw a huge surge, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden Administration’s chief medical advisor. He further stated that don’t become a danger for your loved ones and get vaccinated to protect yourself and your families this Thanksgiving day. 

There is no vaccine that lasts forever and projects for the rest of your life. We need to monitor our immunity level on a continuous basis to stay protected. 

Experts say that the surge noticed in these past few weeks is due to the winter fall. The cold season aids more strength to the virus and triggers its spread.  It could be one of the major reasons for increasing cases in most of the US states. Also, fully-vaccinated people are not prone to the risk of severe complications. The charts clearly state that most of the infected persons are partially vaccinated.”

Indeed, most of the infected patients are partially vaccinated. It indicates that to develop a healthy and complete immune system, the person needs to be fully vaccinated. The officials have ordered the vaccination mandate across the states and are taking further preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus. 

President Biden made it a bit mandatory for the private employees to have vaccination mandatory. The rule says offices with more than 100 employees have to follow the mandate, else huge penalties will be imposed. He said that as the physical offices have resumed and the unvaccinated people can be the bigger cause of the increasing covid 19 cases in the states. 

Thanksgiving can become more fun and protective if you get vaccinated, said Dr. Fauci. He said more than 60 million adults who are eligible to get jabbed are not availing it. 

The only people who are more vulnerable to the virus are the ones who are not vaccinated. Further, these people can act as a carrier to spread the virus among the vaccinated ones. And thus, the administration is firm on its decision for the vaccine mandate.