The surge in the Covid 19 cases was considered very dangerous for the kids according to the medical experts in the USA. Pfizer applied for approval and FDA and CDC nodded yes to approve its vaccine for the children with age group if 5-11 years in the States.

Federal Government Trying To Achieve The Objective To Vaccinate All Kids

A UF Health immunization event at the Phillips Center today resulted in over 250 children aged 5 to 11 being vaccinated against COVID-19. Some parents said that they have been anticipating this moment for a long time and it will surely help their kids to survive the Covid wave during the winter season.

Federal Government Objective To Vaccinate All Kids

The White House is very active now to vaccinate kids as the winter season is coming and it will surely affect kids negatively. In October when Pfizer applied for the approval, The Biden Administration announced and tried to ensure that after the vaccination approval for the kids of 5-11 years he will make sure that vaccination is easily accessible and available to all families in the states.

The vaccination drive for the kids is much faster than the adults as kids are more prone to Covid 19 infection. The White House Covid 19 coordinator, Jeff Zients announced that 2.6 million eligible kids have received the first shot of vaccination.

The Biden Administration and medical authorities have really taken the charge and whopping 30,000 centers at different locations across the USA have been set up for the families to get their kids for the first shot of the vaccine. The Government has allowed, hospitals, pediatric clinics for the kid’s vaccine dose. 

These efforts will be important in ensuring that we stay ahead of the virus by protecting children and families. The Government is aiming to offer a fully vaccinated certificate to the kids who will get their first jab by the end of this week.

The Administration’s strategy would coordinate a multi-sectoral effort to ensure that we have enough vaccines, locations, and support to get our nation’s children vaccinated and protected against the virus.

The White House has maintained a vaccination stock of more than 28 million vaccines for smooth functioning. The Pfizer-BioNTech has specially designed vaccine doses for 5-11-year old children.  The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccination contains 10 micrograms of RNA per dose.

Furthermore, schools can play an important role in educating and informing families and students to get vaccinated. The school administration must start giving knowledge to the parents on the importance of vaccination for their kids in the long run.

An interesting promotional technique has been adopted by the Government to encourage families and kids to participate in the vaccination program. Jill Biden and Singer Ciara will shoot a promotional video to educate kids to avail primary dosage of vaccination.

With such efforts, the Central Government and state counties will surely achieve their goal to vaccinate every eligible kid in the country to safeguard their lives.