The booster shot for the adults has been a center of talk for many experts in the USA. Many people are in favor of giving booster shots to adults and some are opposing the same. 

Winter is arriving with the Christmas holidays and according to the CDC, The United States can again see a peak in the Delta variant Covid 19 cases. Some states have even directed the medical authorities not to deny any adult availing booster shot. 

The FDA Should Take Decision Fastly To Expand Booster Shot Eligibility

5 states which include West Virginia, California, Colorado, Arkansas, and New Mexico passed the resolution even before the Federal Government, which allows all the adults to be eligible to receive booster shots. In this, the adults have to determine the requirement and need for the booster shot. 

The expanded eligibility is for everyone above 18 years and has received the second dose of vaccination at least six months before.

The FDA Should Take Decision Fastly To Expand Booster Shot Eligibility

The six months eligibility is for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccination. All the adults who have received one dose of Jhonson & Jhonson at least two months ago are eligible to receive the booster shots. 

The USA Food and Drug Administration is yet to announce the expanded eligibility to avail booster shots. Till now the adults ages 65 years and above were eligible to receive the booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna, as per Central Health Authorities.

With the rise of delta cases in the country and averaging, 85,000 new cases are coming every day with an average of 1100 deaths per day, many states are under panic and are really getting frustrated. The US FDA hasn’t taken any decision and The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is yet to give its recommendations. 

The frustrated states and medical authorities are demanding the White House to make decisions very fast, otherwise, the situation will become worse during the winters and holiday season. 

The Chief Medical Adviser of the USA, Dr, Fauci has blamed unvaccinated 60 million citizens for spreading the virus on a vast level. The Executive Director of the National Academy for State Health Policy stated that there might be an outbreak of corvid 19 virus symptoms amongst those who are vaccinated. He also said the breakthrough of the virus is majorly influenced by non-vaccinated people.

This frustration made some states take the situation into their own hands and allow hospitals, clinics, Pharmacies that are authorized, to give boosters shots to every adult. The hospitalization rate amongst unvaccinated people is very high and in States, like Colorado, the hospitalization rate is around 81 percent. It has been expected that the booster shots will bring down the hospitalization and death rate amongst the vaccinated people. 

The Governor of Colorado suggested that everyone must avail their booster shots after six months as the research and data shows it is very effective. The booster shots are very helpful in enhancing the immunity level and offer a great amount of personal protection in the long run and it will help in preventing the spread of the Covid 19 virus.