It was reported for in February that Facebook is working with a Clubhouse competitor, the new fully audio-based social network that has been getting a lot of attention recently. Presently, they can at last get a first glance at what is internally called “Live Audio,” Facebook’s new feature that is fundamentally a copy of Clubhouse.

Developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has figured out some way to empower the new feature in Facebook’s mobile app, which is as yet stowed away from regular users. The pictures were shared by TechCrunch, which additionally detailed how the feature is required to work — in any event dependent on its internal version.

The audio feature would be integrated into Messenger Rooms, which is a Facebook platform like Zoom with audio and video chats. Clients will before long discover a option to begin a Live Audio broadcast that allows them to hear what you’re saying in a room, like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

When the Live Audio room is made, the client can welcome different clients to join the conversation through a Facebook post, direct message on Messenger, or by sharing a public link. The profile photos of the clients in that room are appeared in a circular shape, and they will be separated between speakers, people followed by speakers, and others, just like Clubhouse does.

As Paluzzi called attention to, this is only an incomplete interface that is not even useful now, so we can’t say that the Live Audio feature will resemble this in its last form. Notwithstanding, it’s unimaginable not to contrast it and Clubhouse as Facebook is by all accounts taking full inspiration from its new adversary.

Facebook isn’t the only one with regards to developing a new audio platform to compete Clubhouse. Twitter has been extending its Spaces feature to more clients as of late with plans to make it accessible to everybody beginning in April.

Clubhouse surpassed 8 million downloads on the App Store a month ago, so it’s normal that different companies will attempt to contact this crowd as there is by all accounts an enormous interest in audio apps at the present time.