Every day the medical researchers and scientists are coming up with something new or the other when it comes to the newly detected omicron variant. Since its outbreak in South Africa on 24 November 2021, health experts around the globe are making assumptions on the severity of the new covid 19 version.

Warned Hospital Admission Rate Will Skyrocket In Upcoming Weeks

As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the widespread of the Omicron variant and increasing positivity rate in the United States will bring another threatening wave that will surely increase the hospital admissions and death rates in the country.


Warned Hospital Admission Rate Will Skyrocket In The Upcoming Weeks

The delta variant has been the dominant variant in the United States with over 97 percent of the total infection share. The average daily cases in the US have crossed more than 125,000 as per the US CDC and it will further rise at an average rate of 30 percent in the upcoming weeks. 

Now according to the US medical agencies and scientists, the omicron version of covid 19 will become the dominant strain in America by the end of January 2022. The next wave of the covid 19 virus will be a deadly combination of both delta and omicron variants. 

According to the initial studies conducted on the Omicron strain by Scientists in South Africa and the United States, it has been found that this new variant is less severe when compared to the delta subtype of coronavirus. 

Now with the rising cases and positivity rate in the United States, the medical researchers are still not clear about the fact whether the symptoms of the omicron variant are milder or it just seems less severe. 

The upcoming holiday in the nation to celebrate the biggest festival of the year, Christmas, is under the threat to wash away due to the surging cases of the delta variant which is still considered as the most lethal version of the coronavirus in the United States of America. 

Although there is no such situation as “lockdown” in the country, stated by the White House Administration. Last year the vaccines were not available, but this year the situation is completely different as vaccines are widely available with booster shots being a helping hand to provide complete protection. 

Furthermore, the diminishing effectiveness of the vaccines to fight against the omicron variant has been a major issue for the medical authorities. As per last week’s statistics released by the US CDC, out of 43 confirmed cases, 34 infected patients were fully vaccinated and 14 individuals received the booster shots too.

As per the Department of Health and Human Services, the hospitals are already under a lot of stress as the next wave will shake the medical system and the shortage of staff and medical equipment is another problematic situation for the government. 

In the State of New York, the cases are increasing at a very fast pace leading to the disruption to the economy in the near future with the omicron cases to be 15 percent.