As per certain reports and data, the effectiveness of two doses of Moderna and Pfizer is diminishing after 6 months and has become a major concern for the health authorities to safeguard people from the deadly delta variant. 

After the complete dose of the vaccine, the situation is taking an about-turn. It seems that the booster shots might become a mandatory requirement to fight against Covid-19.

Experts Are In Favor To Consider Booster Shots As Fully Vaccinated

The deadly virus is hovering over the lives of innocents and booster shots can serve as a shield to protect against infections. 

The FDA stated that the American citizens are facing a tough time with an everyday increasing number of covid 19 cases.

Experts Are In Favor To Consider Booster Shots As Fully Vaccinated

The number is rising as if there is no way to prevent the surge. Although The USA has seen the worst scenario last year, the number witnessed this year is not less scary than that. Certain resorts from CDC suggested that the number of deaths in 2021 has surpassed the death toll of the year 2020. 

CDC and FDA last Friday, announced and expanded the eligibility criteria for the booster shots. Now all adults 18 and above age can avail the benefits of booster shots. 

Some states like California, New Mexico, Colorado, prior to the federal approval of booster shots for all adults, passed the rule and allowed in their respective states and authorized all the medical agencies, hospitals, and pharmacies not to say no to any adult above 18 for the booster shots. 

Many medical experts are advocating that booster shots must be considered as a fully vaccinated criterion and when asked Dr. Fauci about the same in the White House briefing, he said right now there is no need for this but according to the situation he might consider in the future. 

The Governor of New Mexico stated that booster shots must be considered as fully vaccinated and it will encourage more adults to get their booster shots if they are eligible. 

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, Rochelle Walensky presented the data and said there is almost a 16 percent increase in cases as compared to the previous week. He also said that the increasing cold conditions are one of the major reasons for these increased cases in the country. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the best way to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 cases is to get vaccinated on an urgent basis and implement all the necessary preventive measures. 

The surprise to the situation is, why are vaccinated people getting infected with the virus and are landing up in the hospitals. Here also Dr. Fauci blamed unvaccinated people to spread the covid 19 virus more. 

He focused on the fact that if people are fully vaccinated, they must be immune enough to fight back the virus during the winter season and Christmas holidays. The FDA said booster shots are the best ways to enhance the immunity level to fight delta variants with ease.

Partially vaccinated people have not developed a strong immune system against the virus and thus are ending up infected.