Pierdavid Palumbo well-known Italian singer has been defined the first electro crooner in the world capable of evolving a musical genre of the crooners of the 50s but what exactly is being an electro crooner?

The electro crooner is the evolution of crooners, it is nothing more than a singer who sings confidentially with the public but for the first time with electronic music and with special effects.

You got 60,000 k followers on your instagram profile, what is the secret?

There is no secret and no magic wand, I think people appreciate my work,in life you must never give up and move on, you must be original.

Originality is the key to success, but do you think is enough?

I completely agree with you, originality is the key to success, but I answer you that it is not enough, you also need the talent and willpower to achieve that thing, see the more strength you put into things, the greater the chances of success,in any case it also takes a bit of luck in music but in any field I think the same is true, you have to train a lot and grow, learn and feel inspired.

Like the inspiration you got with The Electro Swing?

Exactly, I had this inspiration a while ago, I was listening to this instrumental music and I had the idea of wanting to sing to that music, I contacted my producer, and explained what I wanted to do, he listened to me and after a few months, I had a phone call saying he had the perfect song for me, my way in electro swing, I thought he was joking I never wanted to sing that song, I didn’t feel it was mine in any way, and I didn’t love it in particular it, always gave me a lot of sadness to listen to it, so I listened the electro swing version and was surprised I would never have imagined such a radical transformation, I just said wow this is a bomb, at this point i said this is a challenge, take the saddest song in history and make it full of happiness, challenge accepted.

What is the name of electro swing dance?

The shuffle dance ,really funny with the movement of feet and arms in a synchronized and rapid way, I tried it once!

And how did it go?

Badly, ( laughs) I risked flying backwards, let’s leave it to whoever is by trade, to each his own!

What is your motto?

The best is yet to come

What’s your favourite colour?


What are your favorite pets?

Dogs and cats

what are your favourite hobbies?

I love sports, and I love cars, especially muscle cars and tuning, in my free time I enjoy custom.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I have been engaged to a girl for three years, but now I am single although I don’t deny that there is a girl I like very much!

What would you tell your fans?

That I love them, and when they stop me for a selfie or an autograph I am always available for my audience I love being with them and I have a lot of fun.

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