Amaan Surani, founder and chief executive officer of Slay Media LLC, had a few words to share with us today on how personal life choices can effect your work results. After all, that’s what Amaan’s story is about…

With an accumulated network of ten million plus followers, social media extravagant Amaan Surani has amazed everyone around him with his successes by accomplishing things that nobody in his family or group of friends were able to do. However, it wasn’t all glitz and glamour for Amaan. Let’s take a deeper dive into the subject and hear from the big man himself!

Good afternoon Amaan, thank you for joining us today.

Well, it’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for the opportunity!

You’ve achieved a lot for someone your age. But you did say that it wasn’t all fun and games. Would you mind telling us your story?

Absolutely! As far as business goes, there really aren’t any negatives. Yes, there are sleepless nights, work-related stress, tensions that arise from personal issues which then affect your work performance, but then again, nobodies life is perfect. But one thing I do believe is the decisions you make both on and off the clock will affect your work performance. I grew up with the wrong group of friends, who were very laid back and didn’t care about anything other than having a good time. I also grew up with this mindset, which was my downfall in life. I’ve been in-and-out of institutions, that landed me there because of my poor decisions. When it came to work I was always on my toes, stayed sharp, and fully focused. But the moment when I was able to turn my computer off and stop working, I’d immediately go out and have fun. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with going to a party, having a couple drinks, hanging out with friends, or just having a good time in general. But there’s a fine line between having fun and being irresponsible.

As time progressed, my irresponsibility made me lethargic and physically sick to continue working as efficiently as I previously was. That’s when I was admitted into a rehabilitation center for the first time. And little did I know, that was only the beginning. This cycle continued for years, and it wasn’t easy to get my head back in the game.

In 2021, I’m in a much better, and certainly much safer situation. For those reading this today, I want them to understand that your choices you make when your boss isn’t looking, or those who work for you aren’t seeing, may be easy to hide at first. But the truth always gets revealed. When I was able to compose myself, I had realized just how much time I had wasted, how much I missed out on, and how much emotional pain I caused to those who care about me. However, I’m a believer in the phrase that ‘everything happens for a reason,’ and can confidently say that my history has taught me so much on life and how precious your time on this Earth is. As a child, I always preferred hands-on work in school. I guess I grew up with the same mindset, and had to practically put my life on the line in order to learn.

Wow, Amaan. What you went through sure doesn’t sound easy. But we are all so glad you’re well and healthy now! What is your overall message here today?

God is definitely good. My message today is for people to acknowledge that their decisions will play an important role in their future. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but the time will come when you have to pay the price for your poor decisions. Just because you aren’t on the clock doesn’t mean you can slack off. We all have our moments when we want to just kick back and relax. But again, there’s a fine line between having fun and being irresponsible. Please think twice about the decisions you make, prior to making them. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Poor decisions can ultimately cost someone their life.

Living the way I was, I witnessed many events take place around me, that sent chills down my spine and made me realize how so many people tend to take their lives for granted. It was a harsh, but well-needed, wake-up call for me.

Incredible, Amaan. I’m sure your words today will inspire many people. We wish you the best in life, and hope you attain the recognition that you deserve. Thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you for having me!

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