He has successfully raised businesses on foreign land and emerged as a winner in all.

There are many places tucked across the corners of the globe which are not only mesmerising but also offer it’s visitors the experience of a lifetime which one can cherish forever. Out of these many heavenly locations is a city based in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai, which offers all one could possibly ask for. It has given travelers the best of times, and it’s inhabitants the best life that can be counted amongst the best in the world. Many have tales to tell about this city, but we have one person who has not only created his flourishing business in the city but has also received a lot of love and adulation from it, he is one of Dubai’s renowned businessman, Marouane Ouriaghli Taouil.

Marouane hails from Belgium but has made Dubai his base since past three years. When asked about what makes this city perfect in every way, he is quick to answer, “it’s culture, lifestyle, and the opportunities it offers to non residents with open hands is what makes it the best place to live or go ahead with your entrepreneurial dreams, for its perfect in all ways.” He came from a foreign country and setup his business which has reached soaring heights of success today, and he credits all that he has achieved so far to the administration who make all formalities of starting a new venture easy with the snap of your fingers.

Marouane Ouriaghli Taouil popularly identified by his Instagram name; Wiwane Dubai has excelled as an entrepreneur with the success of his company ExcusemyDubai which handles multiple businesses under its roof. From renting luxury supercars to yachts to event management, the company has made its distinct name in every field and is much appreciated by locals and travelers equally. When asked about how does it feel to be on the top with his ventures doing so well, he says, “Dubai has always been my dream city since the first time i visited it and I had decided to setup my business base here as I found the city to have all the factors which are favorable for living as well as doing business.”

Today, apart from running his rental business, Marouane also manages events which make him a familiar face in the city. To further fuel his dream of getting Dubai receive global recognition, he has come out with videos which showcase the city’s wonderful life, which are really worth a watch.

To know more, follow his Instagram channels – www.instagram.com/wiwane.dubai and www.instagram.com/excusemydubai