There are two things required to be successful in fashion modeling, talent and determination; if one has talent, he must remain determined to look for a chance. If you don’t have talent, you have to be determined to develop talent in yourself. In fashion, modeling opportunities matters a lot. Some people find opportunities, but they cannot hold it and move. But there are some people like Emil Montenegro who got the first opportunity, and they stick by it and make a successful career.

Taking Steps towards Fashion industry:

Emil did not let this opportunity slip away. He had this opportunity when he won the contest named “Face of Montenegro,” and at that moment, he knew that his hard work throughout his life is paying him off with these changes. On winning that contest, several photographers like Louis Vuitton in Dubai, Italian Vogue, Vivienne Westwood in their several music videos, international television shows, many commercials, and fashion magazines contacted him for big sessions. He did not reject these sessions and worked hard for everyone and kept him busy in this life. After these sessions’ success, he did not stop there; he joined many other artistic fields like acting lessons, improving his voice for singing, making progress on his looks and appearance, etc. Being only a fashion model is not enough for him; he explores new ways to gain fame and success from this industry.

His energetic soul did not let him stick on one path; therefore, he is doing more and more of this fashion industry. He is struggling for hours in different countries and different cities to achieve everything he wishes for. He is an intelligent person, and he looks for every opportunity that can take him to heights; his dedication to his work has helped him gain fame and success all over the globe.

Social media influencing:

People think that being an influencer and a role model for millions of people is easy, but it is not. It is a matter of great responsibility when millions of souls look at you and follow you every matter. Being an influencer means being a mentor; people look for guidance and support from you.

Emil is doing great as an influencer. He has more than 300K followers who admire him so much and follow him in every matter of Fashion modeling. His followers contain people of every age, but the majority of these followers include the teenagers of high school. These teenagers love him and admire his work so much. Emil stays active on his Instagram page and provides his followers with tips and methods to help him at every stage of life.

The Star’s motive:

He believes that the world is full of negativity, and people need all kinds of positive vibes in order to have peace of mind.

“If a person is on the right track, he can have ups and downs, but he will never lose” – Emil.

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