The profoundly polarizing and sort of idiotic directing arrangement on the as of late revamped Model S is all you get.So, you’re a wealthy individual with an eye on the as of late updated Tesla Model S or X. That bodes well; there’s a lot to adore about their super reach, wild accessible execution and still-great looks. There’s a staying point for you, however, and it’s that controlling burden. Be that as it may, perhaps you can arrange yours without it?

Actually, you can’t, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Friday, which was accounted for on by Electrek. Believe it or not; there will be no choice for a customary wheel, which we suspect is something that will wind down a ton of imminent clients. We additionally presume that retrofitting one from a previous S or X will be troublesome, if not impossible.

We’re unquestionably not large enthusiasts of the plan here at Roadshow (our brave proofreader in-boss even composed an entire assessment piece on the thing), and it seems like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could concur with us. The UK government doesn’t appear to object to it, however.

What’s the significance here for you, the buyer? Indeed, either manage the peculiar and irrational controlling wheel or proceed to purchase a Porsche Taycan.