It is often said that people become an amalgamation of what they surround themselves with. In 2020, everyone has been stuck inside the four walls of their own homes for everything from working and studying to exercising. In an effort to spark imagination and bring in the light of positivity, Mike Pashayan’s Elitist is a brand with the same motive.

 The brand has spent years perfecting their designs for canvas artworks and neon signs. The secret is that these are a practical and much more affordable alternative to the traditional neon gas signs with the same look and feel to them. CEO and Founder Mike Pashayan notes, “Through quotes, artwork, and our unique take on LED neon signs, we have been able to provide our customers with high-quality, durable products at a fraction of the price.”

Elitist boasts a large collection of aesthetically pleasing pieces to choose from, including design collaborations with the hit show Rick and Morty and social media influencers like LianeV, who has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. Customers can pick from their designs or customize one for themselves. This statement home décor piece can depict whatever the customer wishes it to, as their neon signs come in all genres of inspiration, entrepreneurship, love, beauty, fitness, astrology, and more.

Pashayan adds, “The name of the brand, Elitist, is a representation of the success that follows those who have the courage to go after their dreams and reach for the stars.” All of Elitist’s products come with a one-year warranty, are easy to install, and are remote controlled for energy-efficient operation. Each piece can be fully customised to fit the customer’s needs, be it the size, colour, font, or background.

At the crux of the company is a range of modern art pieces for all homes, and millions of happy customers send in their shining reviews every day through social media platforms. Pashayan concludes, “When we started this company back in 2017, our motive was to provide a means for people to remind themselves of how amazing they are and how much they are capable of achieving. To this day, this message of glowing inspiration remains the same.”