Its been a proven fact that the Federal Government is taking important spets to curb Covid 19 surge in the states. With more than 85,000 Covid 19 cases per day and with an average of over 1100 deaths a day in the United States has shaken the roots of the medical authorities in the entire country. 

Eligible American Citizens Must Get Booster Shots

The Biden’s vaccine and mask mandate legislation rule has been challenged by 26 states in the court and have stated this law as “Unlawful act”

Eligible American Citizens Must Get Booster Shots

Till now 5 states have allowed their medical authorities to pass the rule to allow their citizens to avail the benefits of booster shots whenever they feel like it. These states include Colorado, New York, California, New Mexico, and now Arkansas has joined the league of such states to allow their adult population has booster shots after determining their health situation and need for the same. 

Now With the rise of cases in the country, the Chief Medical Adviser of the Federal Government Dr. Anthony Fauci has stated that the cases are increasing because of the 60 million unvaccinated citizens in the country. 

Dr. Fauci has announced that every eligible citizen must get their Covid booster shots as the winter season and Christmas Holidays are arriving and there are high chances of rising in the delta variant in entire America if proper precautionary measures are not taken. 

This month The US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention allowed Pfizer to vaccinate kids ages 5-11 years with two doses. The medical authorities have vaccinated around 28 Million eligible children and also approved booster shots for the almost 100 million eligible adults in the States. 

He also stated the example of Israel where the Covid 19 booster shots reduce the chances of getting severe infection and symptoms. He said, there is an urgent need for the citizens to get the vaccination and then a booster shot to improve immunity power to fight delta variant. 

Many medical researchers have found a reduction in the effectiveness of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines that were given to adults. Even the US Food and Drug Administration also stated that the effectiveness of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines will reduce with the passage of time and that gives utmost importance to the booster shots.

As per the latest data released by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention on Monday that more than 30 million American citizens have received a dose of booster shots. The booster shots are eligible for the recipients of two doses of Moderna and Pfizer and one dose of Johnson & johnson vaccines and it also includes people ages 65 and older. The booster shot is also important for the frontline workers, or people working in the high-risk zone where covid has hit very badly. 

The Average cases are increasing both in the Northeaster and Midwest parts of the United States. Also, the average rate of Covid 19 cases and the death rate is also increasing and might also take a new high with the increase in the winters in the states.