After contracting the Covid-19 virus, eight residents of a nursing home in northern Connecticut have died since late September, according to a statement published by the nursing facility.

It was announced on Friday that a total of 89 patients and staff members, many of whom had had correct vaccinations, had tested positive for Covid-19 in the preceding seven weeks. A total of 11 residents and one staff member had been placed in isolation as a result of the findings.

Eight Individuals Have Died As A Consequence Of A Covid-19 Outbreak

In the announcement, they said they had sadly lost 8 patients to Covid, all of whom had significant underlying health difficulties. Residents and staff members were all fully immunized against Covid-19 at the time of the outbreak declaration, according to the institution, which first disclosed the outbreak on October 3, saying that there were 3 positive cases among residents and one among staff members.

Eight Individuals Have Died As A Consequence Of A Covid-19 Outbreak

The event happened soon after the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Covid-19 boosters for emergency use in an emergency situation. In an interview with ABC News, President and CEO Kevin O’Connell stated that nursing home administrators had been attempting to schedule booster shots ever since they were informed that they were available to residents, but that the practicalities of vaccinating all staff and patients had caused their efforts to be hampered.

CNN has made touch with Geer Village in order to get further information.

In accordance with a statement from the nursing home, residents and workers at Geer Nursing will be eligible for boosters if they have gone two full weeks without any new positive instances. Covid-19 testing is performed monthly on every member of the institution’s staff and every resident, and all visits to the facility have been halted till further notice.

People over the age of 65 in the United States who have previously received immunization are now eligible for boosters. Others who are suitable for boosters include those who are at risk of severe Covid-19 infection due to a breakthrough infection due to a medical condition such as diabetes, kidney disease, or pregnancy, as well as those who are at risk due to their living or working conditions.

Even though they must continue to adhere to Covid-19 prevention regulations, they want to reassure the public that they are doing all in their power to ensure the safety of residents and staff, according to a statement issued by the organization. In the meanwhile, they are carefully monitoring the situation. They will convey any developments as soon as they become known to residents, staff members, family, and other stakeholders in the community.”

Recent state figures show that just 10 out of the 209 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Connecticut have active Covid-19 instances, accounting for about 5% of the total. According to the most recent state statistics, the data covers the period from October 27 to November 9.

Five of the ten institutions deal with a single current case, and the other three deal with a number of continuing cases. According to government figures, between September 15 and September 28, 20 out of the 209 institutions, or 9.5 percent, saw at least one Covid-19 occurrence during the same period.