Researchers have been studying the effect of various traumas on future mental health. In their recent studies, they kept efforts on looking at how trauma can understandably change a person’s behavior and alter his mental condition.

Their studies concluded that if a person is subjected to regular and intense violence may suffer from complex trauma. The participants of these E-studies were children of age group 18-21 born between 1994-95.

Effect On Mental Health Due To Intense TraumaEffect On Mental Health Due To Intense Trauma

Various symptoms were understood such as child abuse, tragedies like accidents or losing their loved ones, and any mental condition at the age of 18 years.

Effect On Mental Health Due To Intense Trauma

The expert found that the trauma faced at a young age decides the future behavior of an individual or it may also lead one to depression for a longer term.

It all depends on the type and sensitivity of the individual and usually, people at a young age are more sensitive. If they can be counseled at the right moment they can be saved from long-term damage to their mental health.

The study conclusively explained the effect of complex trauma on these young people’s mental health. When the researchers compared this with other mentally conditioned patients who were not going through intense trauma, they shorted the result to different problems that may be a cause for mental disturbances.

As per studies conducted, one out of five residents of the USA may go through a mental health issue at any point in life. This is more common in children.

Results even showed that 1 out of 25 people lives with complex mental health problems and cognitive conditions like bipolar disorder, depression, or schizophrenia

Depression, as a matter of fact, could be a slow but effective reason behind the mental health of people. Some tragic issues are caused allegedly after a point in life, making people’s mental health vulnerable. If proper treatment is not implied, this may cause major issues.

The researchers kept efforts in understanding the reasons behind complex traumas. They even filtered children aged 5 and found that vulnerabilities that were caused in their childhood were the reason behind complex traumas and not non-complex trauma. These results were a strong base to conclude the relation between complex trauma and mental health conditions.

“Findings highlight that not all difficulties experienced by people exposed to complex trauma are necessarily caused by the exposure. The pre-existing vulnerabilities that increase the risk of complex trauma exposure also seem to be responsible for cognitive impairments.

Clinicians should therefore avoid making causal assumptions in their formulations and aim to address vulnerabilities in their management plans.” said Andrea Danese, a professor from King’s IoPPN.

Even though there are several homely treatments to treat mental illness, people do not opt to consider them. Counseling with Psychiatry would be the best solution indeed. Many mentally ill patients require support and assistance from their family people.

Understanding the major issues that caused the disturbances in the first place would be a minor step to cure it. Treating any conditions related to mental health at an early stage is the best solution indeed.

Waiting to intensify any such issue would worsen the patient’s health. Any complex trauma has to be taken care of with care.

The researchers who conducted the above study concluded that there may be no link between early childhood vulnerabilities and mental conditions.

But, they have surely circled the link between both of them. It can be a reason but requires more factors to grow. More advanced studies explained the mechanism of developing any effective link between complex trauma and mental conditions at any age of life.