Google Duo is an awesome video calling service that chips away at numerous devices. As a result of Duo’s simplicity and flexibility in its capacity to make both voice-in particular and video calls, the service has has become one of the best teleconferencing apps for Android. There are numerous tips and deceives for utilizing Duo, yet perhaps one of the most useful might be screen sharing. This component is useful from multiple points of view; from assisting somebody with an issue on their device to showing an funny video to your friend, realizing how to share your telephone screen on a Google Duo call can prove to be useful on your next chat.

How to share your telephone screen on your next Google Duo call:

At present, you can just introduce the screen share feature from an Android gadget, yet paying little heed to what gadget the individual on the opposite finish of the call is utilizing, they’ll have the option to perceive what you’re sharing.

  1. Open Google Duo on your telephone.
  2. Discover the contact you need to call and begin your call.
  3. Tap on the screen to raise the controls.
  4. Select the effects icon that resembles three stars or tap on the more button with three dots.
  5. Tap on Screen share.
  6. Pick Start now on the spring up to start sharing your telephone’s screen.

When you have screen share fully operational on your Google Duo call, you would then be able to utilize your telephone as you generally would to navigate to whatever you desire the individual on the opposite finish of your call to see. Remember that you will not see the individual you are chatting with on your screen while navigating away from the call while utilizing your telephone. Something to recollect is that regardless is on your telephone’s screen in the event that you can see it, they will as well.

Google Duo can be everything from a basic video calling application to a group call with fun effects and filter to liven up the visit. Something that assists Duo work on so many devices, from the best modest Android telephone to the best in class Chromebook is Duo’s capacity to perform on the slowest of organizations. So next time you need to show off something on your telephone to the individual you’re calling Google Duo, you’ll be prepared.