One of the most exciting activities is to travel around the world, meet other cultures, customs and of course food, it is true when we are told that the best way to get to know a place is through its dishes, the way of cooking and the ingredients unique ones that are found in each region of the world. Therefore every time we have the opportunity to travel, the first thing is to try their food and from there we will know more about that place. Looking for food and travel? DreamFoodie – The Food and Travel Blog is your destination to find good food & great travel destinations. This is where professional digital marketer Jiten Thakkar shares his food and travel journeys. ! On the internet, we can find a wide variety of content with information about food in foreign regions in the world, but now we find an incredible Instagram profile & blog that brings us closer to the experience of traveling through real food, and through the DreamFoodie Blog.

Two of the things we enjoy the most: travel and good food. At least, which has the gastronomic category as the favorite in its ranking 2018, with more than 19 billion ideas. There are recipes for all tastes but the trends indicate that healthy and veggie options are ahead. At DreamFoodie, you will come to know about everything!As for the travel section, it is one of the ones that grew the most and the majority of users take advantage of it to create their “wish list” and keep those destinations they dream of visiting. It is also a way to plan the trip, looking for the proposals offered by the different cities of the world.Currently, beyond packing, another of the essential tasks when planning a break is to look for references on the Internet. And, of course, gastronomy is one of the most consulted topics in this regard.

Because knowing thoroughly any destination worth its salt is also a question of flavors. They expand the range of sections they offer in their digital binnacles with a view to answering the concerns of those readers interested in food.A journalist who is a reference in the specialty of travel, tells on his blog what could be considered an authentic guide for curious palates, including information both in the national and international key: from recommendations on table and tablecloth to food curiosities, passing for gastronomic routes or own tasting experiences.

The truth is that the fear of not hitting when choosing a restaurant is universal, so on blog DreamFoodie, Jiten wanted to put a solution from this site with a selection of good establishments to eat and typical dishes to try around the world, of which he has already traveled & tried. He is a big foodie & doesn’t mind travelling long in search of good food! He loves exploring places and sharing his thoughts so that it helps other foodies find them easily.

Are you a foodie too who loves travelling? Then check out the Dreamfoodie blog now!