The World Health Organization has stated that the new coronavirus variant omicron is expected to grow at a much greater speed and alarming situations may arise. Also, some studies are also claiming that the omicron version will expand 70 times much faster than the delta version of Covid 19.

Dr. Facui Endorsing Booster Shots Without Variant Specific Vaccines  

Dr. Anthony Fauci when asked about the new vaccine requirement said that the main concern is to combat its effect through the use of effective vaccines and measures. Dr. Fauci, the disease expert, and The Chief Medical Adviser has released the statement that booster shots developed from Pfizer and Moderna are safe to be taken and can help prevent the spread of a new subtype of the corona infection. “Our booster shots will work perfectly against omicron,” said Fauci while interacting with the media.

Dr. Facui Not Endorsing Variant Specific Vaccines But Advocating Booster Shots  

According to some reports the vaccine developers are working on developing variant-specific vaccines after their initial vaccines are being toughly questioned by the medical authorities in the US. 

Looking at the situations prevailing in the state and based on the findings conducted on the variant, Fauci told that there is no such need of developing the variant-specific vaccine at this time. He revealed that the vaccine produced by Pfizer and Moderna is effective against coronavirus when given in two doses but its effectiveness is diminishing when it comes to combating the omicron variant. 

On the other hand, providing a third dose of the vaccine leads to making the body’s immune system effective to a level where it neutralizes the virus’s effect. The booster shots can be used in a very effective way as it offers instant power to the immune system by 25 folds. 

Earlier the booster shots were only authorized for all adults of 18 years and above age, but after analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccines on the omicron variant, the demand for the booster shots arose for the teenagers of 16-17 years as they are also more prone to the new version of the covid 19. 

Now all adults of 16 years and above are allowed to receive the booster shots after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Individuals who have received the initial dose of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at least 6 months ago and a single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least 2 months ago are eligible to receive the booster shots to protect themselves from the upcoming wave of the covid 19 variants. 

Currently, the data is available in fewer numbers and with a good amount of data in the near future, it will be helpful to know how much protection the booster shots will have against omicron and whether satisfactory results can be expected. 

As per the Pfizer CEO, the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine do not account for full proof protection and the company endorses the third dose as it offers the body with required protection. 

The human body reacts strongly to the variant even if it gets infected. The message that the Biden Administration wants to convey is to get vaccinated as soon as possible if you are not.