In the existing corona virus pandemic, dentists as well as patients who are likely to undergo dental treatments are at huge risk of getting cross-infected by the virus. Most dental processes mandate close contact between the dentist and the patient. This involves the patient’s salivary glands (which are dense with COVID 19 particles), blood, oral cavity and other respiratory secretions. In such a critical scenario, cosmetic dentist Dr. Armand Amselem is imbibing and propagating rigorous safety protocols across his global clinics which will be strictly applied and adhered to. More on Dr. Armand and his efforts to introduce more effective curbs on the pandemic. Let’s delve.

Precaution is better than cure

Dr. Armand recommends all dentists to treat their patients with due diligence and precaution. Some of the norms he has implemented and would like every clinic to follow suit are as follows.

Dental clinics in the containment zone should remain shut but they should offer triage over telephone. He shares, “If I can help the patient determine over the phone what type of treatment and care she needs then I will.”

Dr. Armand’s dental operations will be restricted to emergency and urgent treatment processes only. He advises patients to defer their routine as well as elective dental treatments for a review at some other day until new protocols are declared and implemented. His idea behind safety norms across his global clinics is to curb and eventually eliminate huge risks related to the processes of oral cavity.

Even before the pandemic, Dr. Armand has had a strict set of norms always followed to a tee and that’s what (as per him) has helped Dr.Armand and his team of auxiliaries to build up his clinics from an unknown to now one of the most sought-after clinics offering utmost safety and latest technology all at once. That’s the reason why Dr.Armand and his clinics have become popular go-to names among patients for anything related to dentistry.  He opened his first clinic in France after he moved there from Madrid. And since then he has never looked back. Dr. Armand shares, “Rules become norms when processes are set to make sure they are followed. Norms when implemented have the ability to transform situations as well as people. I have a conviction that these precautionary norms will help curb and eventually kick out the virus.”

Given his experience and proven track record as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Armand Amselem’s advice is well worth considering.