Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise, with more people wanting to get the perfect smile. Whether through simple procedures such as teeth whitening or more substantial ones such as dental veneers, they are turning to cosmetic dentists to give them a million-dollar smile.

As a dentist, successfully transitioning into cosmetic dentistry is a procedure that requires effort, time, and money, but it is well worth it, according to Dr. Amit Asudani. Dr. Asudani is a cosmetic orthodontist and Dubai’s leading Invisalign expert. After graduation, he worked as a general dentist for three years before he transitioned into cosmetic orthodontics. Therefore, he is best placed to give aspiring cosmetic dentists tips on how to transition into the practice successfully.

Take hands-on courses

You cannot become good at anything if you just learn theory without doing the practical work. In addition to attending theoretical classes, do hands-on courses that will increase your competency. The more practice and hands-on work you do, the better the cosmetic dentist you become.

Work with the best labs possible

Labs are a considerable part of cosmetic dentistry, and you should aim to work with the best. They are usually costly, but they are worth it and will give you and your patients the best possible results. 

Join the AACD

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry provides you with an opportunity to network with and learn from the best cosmetic dentists who have been in practice for longer than you. 

Narrow the scope of your practice

Narrowing your practice scope may sound limiting, but this is because cosmetic dentistry requires lots of time to prepare for each patient. Trying to do everything in cosmetic dentistry will leave you burned out and may even reduce the quality of your work. Choose the areas you want to specialize in and work to be an expert in them. 

Work on your branding

Branding is essential in cosmetic dentistry, as you need to stand out from other practitioners around you. Everything associated with your cosmetic dentistry practice should project the image that you are striving for. Working with a branding company (especially one that works with people in the medical field) will help your brand immensely.

It is easy to offer teeth whitening and call yourself a cosmetic dentist, but as Dr. Amit Asudani says, it takes a lot more to establish yourself in the field.