Dor Eckstein’s journey as a fitness enthusiast began as early as one could imagine. Born into a family of overweight members, he found himself following the same path up until he was almost 15 years old. 

He wanted something different, though. He had an innate yearning for fitness that spurred him to register in a local gym. This was where he came about his first encounter with the intricate vocation of a fitness instructor.

Fascinated by his appetite for fitness and exercises, the young Dor Eckstein’s fitness instructor made it a personal mission of his to show the boy just how beautiful, consistent training and exercises could be.

Over decades later, Dor Eckstein now finds himself a revered celebrity fitness instructor with tens of thousands of Instagram followers and numerous clients students of his own, about 9000 of them.

The Dor Eckstein Process

Mr. Eckstein follows a four-step process in his training activities – contact, introduction, examination, and execution

The contact process is the first process, wherein he gets to make the first contact with prospective clients. Then come to the introduction phase, and of course, the examination phase. 

In these two phases, Mr. Eckstein sets out to understand the clients as fully and thoroughly as possible – this involves getting valuable information on previous workout habits, eating habits, and other essential lifestyle details that ensure maximum efficiency in the final execution phase.

Having gotten as familiar with the clients’ taste and lifestyle, Mr. Dor Eckstein then proceeds to draw out workout plans, nutrition menu, and training program that ensures utmost convenience, regularity, and undeniable results.

The Dor Eckstein Philosophy

Dor Eckstein’s expertise as a fitness instructor extends beyond Israel, having thousands of clients from different parts of the world. It is almost impossible not to wonder what drives all of these people to Mr. Eckstein’s program, and the answer, again, is not too far away.

You only have to look at his overall fitness philosophy to understand why. A vital aspect of this philosophy is his emphasis on fitness over bodybuilding. 

Dor Eckstein understands that many people who would love to become avid fitness enthusiasts are dissuaded by the constant commitments required for vigorous bodybuilding. 

This becomes even more concerning, given that most bodybuilding journeys are usually sought after for their vanity instead of building a healthy physical and mental acumen.

With Dor Eckstein’s philosophy, the emphasis is on proper nutrition and an exercise regimen that doesn’t require daily training and hours expended in the gym.

The Future

With years of undebatable success under the belt, it is only natural to wonder what the future has in stock for Dor Eckstein and his journey as one of the elite fitness instructors in the world. 

Well, for one thing, the man himself isn’t getting carried away. All he wants to do is keep refining his philosophy and helping more and more people worldwide get in touch with the fitness lovers inside them.